8 predictions for SEO according to Rand Fishkin

8 predictions for SEO according to Rand Fishkin

But … Who is Rand Fishkin?

If you are interested in SEO and everything that has to do with it, you know Rand Fishkin, but, do not worry, here we tell you a little about what he does. Rand Fishkin, is the creator of the search Buy Finance Directors Email Lists engine and marketing company, but is best known for his popular blogs, in which he talks about SEO and marketing. It can be said that he is the “SEO Guru”.

Predictions from last year, 2016.

Rand Fishkin, made a list of some predictions for 2016, of which we will mention those that, for some reason, were real. .

  • Organic search results will have less than 70% CTR.

Well, Rand Fishkin, tells us that in 2016 the CTR (the number of clicks that an ad receives) of Google’s Non-Organic results (adwords ads, direct answers, etc.) would be increased compared to organic results . He said that at the end of 2016, the organic results would have less than 70% of the CTR, that is, less than 70% of the searches will end in a click towards an organic result.

  • The use of mobile devices will not interfere with the use of the PC.

He also explained that mobile devices were not going to take away the importance of a PC, since the mobile is not killing the PC, but our free time.

Rand Fishkin was of the opinion that in 2016, the growth in the use of mobile devices to access the Internet compared to the use of a desktop computer would decrease.

However, it is known that the use of smartphones to access the internet has increased in recent years.

  • Twitter will grow again

Effectively Twitter increased its active users in 2016, from 305 mm to 317 mm, and although it was representative, growth is growth. However, Twitter has not figured out how to grow, yet.

  • DuckDuckGo will be the new search engine

He also told us that the search engine “DuckDuckGo” would increase its growth. The main feature of this search engine is to maintain privacy in browsing, showing results very similar to Google, so many technological advances were already adopting it as its main search engine. Therefore, Rand Fishkin said that DuckDuckGo would become the fastest growing search engine in 2016. And you, what do you think? … Did you know him?

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