Christmas, already? Yes! December has not yet come, but many marketing and e-commerce professionals are already thinking about what to do for email list for sale. A well-planned strategy for Christmas can make a difference when it comes to accounting for your business results. So check out our tips for putting together a Christmas campaign and surprise yourself!

Everything starts in advance
A good Christmas campaign can not be rushed. As you will realize throughout this post, there are many points that should be considered. That is why it is so important to start planning everything in advance.

Consumers are increasingly anticipating purchases to avoid last-minute raids. This is why it is recommended to start planning at least 60 days in advance.

It is also important to consider the delivery time for the cities that your e-Commerce meets. After all, your campaign audience needs to receive your communications, buy and still have the time to get the product before Christmas. Delaying your customers’ Christmas presents can be disastrous for your store.

Best channels of disclosure
At Christmas time, disclosure is everything. After all, everyone has fierce competition in the choice of gifts. Therefore, outreach strategies are a major focus of those who want to ensure a positive return at this time of year.

Facebook Ads is already a great ally of e-Commerces all year long. In addition to allowing good distribution of visual content, it also makes it easier to target who will receive your ad.

If your store offers discounts and promotions during the Christmas season, for example, it is interesting to make announcements to those who already know your brand. They will have the desire to consume more in relation to your brand, especially in special promotions, that can awaken that wish or fantastic gift idea.

The Google Display Network can also fulfill this goal by directing ads to people who have already visited your site. And speaking of Google, in addition to the Network Display, you can also use the Google Search Network.

In it, you can focus on keywords that refer to your brand. That is, it is a great strategy to generate sales of those who are already looking for your store. In this case, the ad may report discounts and promotions to stimulate the purchase.

In addition to paid media, other relationship channels are perfect for spreading Christmas campaigns. After all, it’s always good to remember that, during this time, the cost of advertising goes up quite a bit. In this case, email marketing is ideal for generating sales. The strategy here is also similar to the others: offer special conditions, discounts and news for those who already follow your brand!

Items you can not forget
At this time of year, everything is dressed for Christmas. And your e-Commerce can also get on the wave. After all, the customer experience is all in those hours.

Some stores leave their sites and blogs with a more Christmas face, changing banners and characterizing the logo. Speaking of which, many brands that have a physical and virtual store leave everything with the same theme so that stores have more unity.While you’re already in the loop, you can also change some banners on your homepage to focus on products that have the most potential for success on Christmas. Maybe even give highlights to product kits (a category that attracts enough attention to who is looking for gifts).

Another way to draw attention to certain products is to create categories like “Christmas” or “Gift Tips”. So you influence the sale of products that have more potential for success at this time of year.

After reading this post, you are not only prepared to start your Christmas campaign but also, it is sure to sell you a lot!

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