Cyber ​​Monday has huge business potential when it comes to e-commerce. In addition to offering attractive deals, it is the perfect opportunity to increase sales in the second half of the year. But to get good results, you have to dedicate yourself and adopt an efficient sales strategy. With that in mind, we’ve separated five must-have tips to help you get ahead and increase your sales on Cyber ​​Monday.

Planning is everything
Those who want to perform well on Cyber ​​Monday need to start in email database. Choose the products that will be on sale, negotiate with reliable suppliers, develop a strategy of disclosure. Oh, do not forget to leave all the logistics in the way, so that no unforeseen events happen. That way, preparing everything right, the work gets easier and you will enjoy the full potential of that date.

Use Black Friday as a template
A good tip is to be inspired by Black Friday to put together your sales strategy for Cyber ​​Monday. After all, the two dates are very close and still have other similarities. So it’s a good idea to re-stock the stock and make deals with the remaining Black Friday products.

Also, pay attention to the categories and products that made the most of the first campaign. After all, you can use them on Cyber ​​Monday too! So you can save money on your efforts, take advantage of market trends and boost your store sales.

Discounts are always welcome
Good discounts are crucial to sell. This is somewhat logical, since price is one of the main factors considered by customers at the time of purchase. Still, it is important to do good planning to avoid losses.

Therefore, carefully calculate your profit margin on products. It is from there that the discounts offered will be determined.

Another valuable tip: When creating great promotions, be creative to draw attention to the audience. There are many cool options, type assemble kits of products, offer 10% discount, 20%, 30%, give free gifts …

Make sure products arrive without problems
It is important that you do everything possible so that the products arrive in perfect condition and on time. This will ensure that your audience is satisfied with your store and builds a good reputation. This factor greatly influences the performance of your sales. Therefore, expedite the steps of packaging the products, posting at the post office. Oh, and do not forget to ensure good service – including post-sales.

Bet on marketplaces
Offering your products in Marketplaces is the perfect option to increase your store’s billing – both physical and virtual. Especially on big commercial dates like Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday and Christmas. This is because online markets have a large volume of monthly visitors, diversified portfolio, proprietary technology, simplified management and low costs.

Use and abuse our tips and make it stand out from the competition, please your audience and increase your sales.

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