Guerrilla Marketing The Importance of Being Creative

Marketing through time has had to be more specific, more complex and faster, so it always has to look for new opportunities for action.

Erroneously you have the idea that to carry out an advertising campaign, you email list for sale should only go to a marketer, when, it is necessary to work together with designers and comunicólogos; in order to achieve a creative idea, valuable enough to achieve the necessary impact.

Nowadays it is increasingly difficult to find attractive ideas that manage to attract the attention of the consumer and at the same time get low costs, for this reason, guerrilla marketing arises.

Guerrilla marketing are creative actions that have low budget, radically based on consumer behavior and how you think, in order to stimulate the purchase of a product or service and achieve a positive positioning of the brand in the mind of the market .

It all started, with the graffiti technique, but nowadays it goes further, it is a strategy accompanied by a whole image of the product, ranging from advertisements to the internet, the important thing in this scheme is the creativity of the text and the visual complement . They can be used from very large spaces like the wall of a building to a small space like a tire in a truck.

In our country it is not impossible to do it, it becomes somewhat complicated due to the procedures and permits to be carried out, since public spaces are used and the strategy must be carefully justified and the duration is usually for short periods. The advantage is that in this issue participation is almost null because it is a very new topic and that is not yet done so openly.

The interesting thing is to make the product stand out, to know the  psychology of the consumer , through creativity in its maximum expression, since it is so different that it makes people turn to see it without any exception, when it comes to the internet it is so striking and different from any mail, where you can find icons or 3D images or interactive frames.

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