How to stimulate your creativity 12 Keys to achieve it

The creativity is when you see what others do not see, your ability to create new things that are very valuable. It is the way in which the brain works to fulfill its purposes in an original way, combining capacities, motivations, attitudes and knowledge.

I have listened to several people who say that they are not creative, or that only designers and marketers “have the right to be creative”, but I have Buy VP Safety Email Lists something to tell you … We all have creativity! It’s just a matter of waking her up, getting her out of hiding and putting it into practice. Creativity is like a muscle, so you have to train it.

True creativity requires spontaneity, practice, but above all … INSPIRATION.

Therefore, with this I want to help you develop your creative capacity. Are you ready?

  1. You have to develop your observation capacity.

With this technological world in which we live, we miss many things by being glued to the cell phone, tablet or computer. To observe is to detect everything that surrounds us, to awaken your senses and find inspiration through them. Observe, stimulate your creativity as it awakens your mind.

  1. After observing … Investigate.

Ursula K. Le Guin once said: “A creative adult is a child who has survived”, but, why? … Well, very easy. When you are a child you have curiosity that wakes up all the time, you want to know everything that surrounds you, you have, without doubt, that ability to create. When you become an adult, that curiosity is still there and it is the same that encourages you to investigate, to know more about everything that interests you and to deepen knowledge. Investigating provokes your creativity and alters your desire to create something new.

  1. Do not be afraid to imitate someone or something.

If you like something or get your attention, it’s hard not to focus on it. Imitate it will not make you a bad person, since everything comes from something else. However, it does not mean that you make it identical, simply, you give yourself an idea and then you generate yours. With this, you add an added value to the original idea and you can even improve it.

  1. Get away from the routine (or at least make it more interesting).

If you want different results, do not do the same. A. Einstein

Sometimes we are so focused on our daily tasks that the routine, little by little begins to take hold of us. Every day we start doing the same thing as the day before, we are in “automatic mode”. Well, if you want to awaken your creativity, dare! leave your comfort zone aside and change your way of thinking, your way of seeing things and make your habits become (even a little) more interesting. Start solving challenges in a creative way, with originality and you will see how everything starts to flow. If you keep doing the same you will not get better results, I guarantee it.

If you want inspiration to come to you, you have to find yourself working. And this I did not say, Picasso said.

  1. You have to follow the rules, but only the necessary ones.

Creativity, like many other things, requires a process, which, if we want it to go well, we have to carry out following some rules. Actually I will not tell you what those rules are, because I do not know them, but what I want to explain to you with this point is that you have to create a balance between what you can and can not do when you get creative. However, we must remember that “everything in excess is bad” and then there is no exception here. Exaggerating the use of rules can inhibit and spoil the creative process.

  1. Surround yourself with people who know more than you.

I know that, when we are with a group of people, we seek to stand out, but, we must be aware that there will always be more ready and more talented people than you, and with them you must join.

Surround yourself with people you admire and learn from them. Share ways of thinking and above all, listen to them. The best ideas arise with teamwork. Leave jealousy aside, really, listen to what others think of your idea will be very valuable. A good critique will make you grow.

A group of people will become more creative if they are motivated. Do not make judgments or bad thoughts towards the ideas of other people.

With this technological era it is easier to follow your idols. Use your social networks and connect with them.

  1. Do not think like the others.

Society and education make us think in a certain way, in the (perhaps) correct way. But our mind is so big that when we close it and focus on what others say and think, we are limiting it. Do not do it! Open your mind and look at the world with different eyes, this will help you to awaken creative ideas.

If you want different results, do not do the same. A. Einstein

  1. Not everything is in the mind.

Yes, we know that creativity can follow a mental process, but it needs the help of all your senses, therefore, use your body!

Why do you think children have “more creativity” than you? … Good question, right? Well, when we are children, we venture, we want to know everything (as I had mentioned in a previous point) and discover what happens if we touch this or that or if, maybe, we try it, and that is the key. To speed up our creativity we have to be a child again. Use colors, markers, draw !, use scissors and glue, have fun !, use plasticine, it is a material that can awaken your creativity, get out! And, maybe this point may be the most fun of the whole list just for that.

A good idea to get that creative in the office is to have two desks, one where you have the computer and those things and another where you have sheets of paper, colors and everything you need to give you a creative break.

  1. Work on what you like.

This point, probably, is one that you have already heard everywhere, but it is very true, since, by working on what you are passionate about, and putting love into what you do, it keeps creativity awake.

I know that sometimes it is not possible that in our work we love everything, but with this point I do not only want to refer to your office work in which you are full time, but also to some hobby or pastime, the joke is to put passion and love in what you do.

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