The evolution of Digital Marketing and internet

The evolution of technology and the new rules of the game

Although we do not want to, we are always connected to technology and we are protagonists of everything telling the world what we feel, in these years the internet has changed our way of thinking and build email list seeing things only knowing that every 60 seconds more than 100 accounts are created , we can not hide with social networks. This leads us to have more social relationships with people we never imagined having.

Internet users are people 14 to 44 years old who use this network a lot and make constant purchases on the internet. This is produced because the ways of connecting with other people are now easier, the consumption habits are adapted to our habits of life, this It allows us to do more than one thing at a time around the whole day, more often at night since that is when people have more free time.

Internet is the medium that grows the most with advertising since it is now more adapted to mobile applications and smartphones.

What contents are shared on the internet?

In recent years the content on the Internet has been multiplied by 9, it is estimated that in two years consumption will increase more with more viewed videos and in a shorter time. facebook is the most important or most popular network at the moment.

to purchase by mobile is very high almost 50% of people use it at the time of making purchases, as it facilitates access to stores or products.

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