A responsive website is designed to fit any type of resolution without distortion. The design identifies the width of each device, the available space, and how the page will be displayed email list. The site also adjusts dimensions of images, fonts and other elements so they are not disproportionate. Want to know more? Continue reading this post!

Connectivity facilitated
Are you now reading from a computer, tablet or cell phone? Surfing the internet is becoming more diverse and any of these options is possible. Currently, just pick up the cell phone and pronto, we are connected. Without any difficulty, we are already online.

Look around you, at your office, at the bus stop, at the mall food court, at the beach, at the café, anywhere. Someone must have a cell phone in hand, right? It is such common behavior that it is impossible not to think about how it can influence your business.

At the same time, a detail needs to be remembered. Most of these people are browsing or apps or mobile-friendly sites. So we need to make our business handy too.

Do you know that website you open on your phone and the screen is even adjusted, but with letters so small that you need to zoom in to read? So this is not a responsive site.

Responsive sites are intelligently designed to be adapted to any type of resolution without distortion. A responsive design identifies the width of each device and thus determines how much space is available. In addition, it defines how the page will be displayed so that these spaces are fully exploited. It also adjusts the image dimensions of the fonts and other elements of a page so they are not disproportionate.

In very practical terms, it is that site that, with the same layout, fits perfectly to any resolution in a harmonic way. In this way, it manages to pass the same reading experience to the user, regardless of the device being accessed.

Another common confusion happens between responsive sites and the mobile version of a site. There are differences between these two models, as we will see below.

Responsive site X mobile version
Responsive is the entire website designed to be tailored to any type of screen. It is a single code structure that works in different resolutions.

A mobile template is a bit different: it’s a second site, specially made to open on certain types of devices.

Is your site adapted to be viewed on all types of devices? Do you have visitors who connect to you on the desktop or on your mobile phone or tablet? How about start building a responsive website right now? Access our website and make a budget!

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