07 tips to create Instagram Stories that engage

Countdown sticker withdrawal from story viewers after 24 hours, Instagram Music in the story and profile and stickers to start group conversations in the story are some changes and updates that have occurred with the tool. And when we analyze all these features, it’s hard not to feel instigated to look for ways to work them in digital marketing strategies , do you agree? Some brands have already noticed the relevance of this publication format. According to Yuval Ben-Itzhak, CEO of Socialbakers , in the study titled Most Important Social Media Trends to Remember in 2019 , the volume of brands posting to Instagram Stories increased 4x in 2018 . He also comments that this growth is due to the battle for reach and organic engagement.

The Main Feature of This Functionality

It is very important that if you still don’t use this Instagram publication format in your business, that you start using it as soon as possible. This way you will continue to strengthen your market presence and keep up with digital news. 1 Behind the scenes interest Behind the scenes matter Instagram Stories is the space to humanize your brand and bring it closer to users. This is because the interest in knowing how a business Germany Phone Number List works, who is behind the brands, is not just a curiosity for you, but for most people. This tendency to present the company in real situations is something that has impacted and engaged users. It’s as if they found identification points and issues with her, due to this sample of the day-to-day lived in the company.

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The Command Power That Your Brand

So making videos or photos in stories and showing some moments, such as a meeting with a customer, a part of the manufacturing process of your product or internal actions such as employee birthdays, for example, arouse the interest of users in your brand’s publications. Tip: in these everyday posts it is worth putting questions together and asking people to respond in direct. This will contribute to your brand getting closer Aleart News to them and will improve your performance with the Instagram algorithm. 2 Ask questions/polls Questions and polls This feature is very interesting, because in addition to connecting the user with your brand, it allows your company to have insights for the production of content and materials that are relevant to your audience.