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We begin by saying that the book that has two decades is very current. In 1999 Godin already saw that traditional tactics would not have more effect or, at least, would be less effective. Instead of constantly interrupting people with ads, companies should get their customers’ permission to contact them, only then gain their attention. The book explains the actions used today in Inbound Marketing and content marketing. It explains how to promote voluntary consumer acceptance and offers advice on how to improve marketing effectiveness, build long-term customer relationships, build trust and build brand awareness.

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Gary knockout Looking to better understand social networks and the great duel of brands for attention on these platforms? This is a good tip from a book on digital marketing. The book addresses how the one-sided struggle promoted by traditional marketing has changed with the advent of social networks. In the author’s view, social media has transferred the fight to a new ring, where consumers are ready to challenge companies, expressing their opinions Canada Phone Number List and interests before buying something. Filled with cases and examples of successes and errors, the book brings valuable tips to companies and promotes a challenge to them. That they change the focus of the interactions they make with consumers. The suggestion is that brands make users, potential customers, laugh, think, play and feel valued.

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Examples cover media from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, Vine, and even Google+. Purple Cow by Seth Godin If you’re into the marketing field, you’ve certainly heard of this book. Seth Godin, one of the most influential professionals in marketing, shows in “Purple Cow: Transform your business by being remarkable” that in order to be remarkable it is necessary to adhere to the meaning of the “purple cow”. The purple cow, for Godin, represents a new P in the promoter Aleart News marketing mix. He argues that not only people directly linked to the brand’s marketing will promote it, but also all the people who are involved with it. Being differentiated, a purple cow, will allow you to attract attention and thus get people to contribute to the dissemination of products and services in the market.

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