10 Examples of copy for Facebook and Instagram Ads

If you are investing in advertising on Facebook and Instagram , you will have already found that your ad copy is an essential part of achieving conversions. With these examples of copy for Facebook and Instagram Ads you will succeed with your ads and get the results you expect.

And it is that the image of your ad, the visual part, is essential to attract the attention of your audience.
But it’s the words in your ads that convince people to click and get the conversion you want.

Appeal to emotions
Turn features into benefits
Use simple vocabulary
Short sentences and paragraphs
Includes Emojis
Focus on a single idea
Talk about yourself to your client
Be specific
Use Powerful Words
Action Verbs in active voice
I know that sometimes it is  新加坡电话号码表 difficult to know what text to write. How to summarize in a few words the true value of your service or product.

That’s why in this post I’m going to give you practical tips on copywriting for Facebook and Instagram Ads , accompanied by real examples.

Clever? We start with the most effective copy examples for your ads.

Appeal to emotions
Although we all like to think that we are extremely rational beings and we make our purchasing decisions based on careful calculations and analysis … The reality is different.

And it is that in a society like ours it is estimated that 95% of purchase decisions are emotional.

It is proven that it is more effective to target the hearts of your consumers than their heads when you want to convince them to make a decision.

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Therefore, here is a list of the main emotions that you can appeal to in your ads to lead your audience to the purchase:

Professional success
Save time
Save Effort
Save money
Avoid fear
Belong to the group
Be the first
Protect yours
Take care of the planet
Be attractive
In this example, we see how the Christmas Lottery does not focus its copy on the possibility 警报消息 of winning the prize (which is the main benefit of the product) but instead focuses the message on the emotion of sharing the illusion with your loved ones.

State lotteries and bets

two Turn features into benefits
The most important law of copywriting says that you should not talk about the characteristics of your products, but about their benefits.

What does this mean? Well, the first thing is that you understand the difference between both concepts.

Features : are the technical specifications of your product or service. Its weight, size, composition, duration.

Benefits: the result that your client will achieve thanks to these characteristics. It is the “why” and the reason why a person is going to buy from you.

We see it with this example from Nike, where copy turns features into benefits directly and brilliantly.

Nike ad

3 Use simple vocabulary
One of the biggest mistakes when writing copy for Facebook and Instagram Ads is getting technical.

Your audience will read the ad in about 5 seconds, so it is essential that the text is simple and is well understood at a glance.

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Don’t use jargon, technical words, or bombast .

Write as if it were an oral conversation with a friend, using an informal tone and everyday vocabulary. Only then will you be able to connect with your audience.
?In this example, the ad copy begins with an informal question: Haven’t you seen our weekly deals yet? Avoid formal phrases like “Check our current promotions.” To connect you must write naturally.

Examples of copy Facebook and Instagram Ads

4Short sentences and paragraphs
Long sentences are not a good ally to sell. As I explained before, on the internet the user offers very low attention span and wants things easy.

It is important that you write short sentences, of no more than ten words. And if the sentence you have written is very long, think: Can you divide it into two shorter ones?
It is also essential that you structure the text in short paragraphs, of no more than three lines . And it is that always remember that your audience does not read the texts, they scan them at a glance.

Examples of copy Facebook and Instagram Ads

Includes Emojis
Some brands continue to have questions about whether to use emojis in their ad copy. They find it too informal.

However, I have found in my campaigns with clients that including emojis in Facebook and Instagram Ads increases the CTR by up to 12%.

And is that the emojis:

They bring an emotional tone to your message , in a single character. Emojis convey emotions in a clear, fast and fun way.
They stand out in the feed . They add color and shape to the text, drawing the attention of your audience by adding a visual component to the text.
They make the text look more native . Make it look more like a natural user post than a brand sponsored post. Remember: In Social Ads, the closer it shows you, the better you will integrate into the medium.
If it is important that you know that too many emojis in the same ad, it could penalize your campaigns since Facebook considers that you are trying to give a different message.
Copy examples for Facebook and Instagram Ads

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6 Focus on a single idea
In your ads on Facebook and Instagram you have little attention space and time. So although I am convinced that your product or service offers a lot of reasons for purchase, it is better that in your ad copy you focus on a single idea.

Report a single benefit. The most important, striking and that sets you apart from the competition.
The rest of the benefits of your offer can be communicated on the landing page of your ad. Remember: the goal now is to get enough attention to get a click.

You don’t have to tell everything the first time. To achieve the first conversion is more effective one great idea , a hodgepodge of confusing messages.

This is a great example of ad copy based on a single great idea. Shutter stock is the largest image bank in the world. It also offers vectors, templates, music, and even editing tools at competitive prices.

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