10 iPhone features you need to know

Every iPhone has a mute switch since Steve Jobs released the original in 2007. It’s not a flashy feature. There is no queue for this in the CNET specification letter. There are many little things on the iPhone that are useful like the mute switch. muting switch Apple refers to it as the “Ring/Silent Switch”. It’s a hardware reminder of a time when our phones were primarily for making calls. But as our iPhone habits have evolved, it’s still useful as a last line of defense for all audio alerts except alarms. Flash If you have an iPhone 8 , 8 Plus or an iPhone X, you have one of the most welcome camera features ever made for a phone: Slow Sync Flash. Basically, Apple made the camera flash really usable.

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Goodbye goodbye red eyes, and nothing more like being caught in a pair of headlights when your picture was taken. iPhone takes the picture at a slower shutter speed while firing the flash quickly. With the shutter open longer, the background is more exposed, making it brighter. Back to the List of US Mobile Phone Numbers top of a page If you’re on a webpage in Safari or using an app that scrolls through Instagram, you can currently tap the top of the webpage or app as a shortcut to go back to the top. In Safari, tap once to reveal the web address field, then tap again right away. airdrop If you need to share photos, videos or files with other Apple devices, AirDrop is the way to go.

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List of US Mobile Phone Numbers

Share your Wi-Fi Access password

It’s incredibly easy Just tap the share button and a row of possible devices for AirDrop to appear. Then you tap a friend’s icon and as soon as they accept, the file or photo is sent. iPhone SE The smallest and cheapest Apple phone Aleart News you can buy is the iPhone SE. It has the body of the iPhone 5/5S, but the interior and camera of the iPhone 6S. It’s almost impossible to find a new phone that’s really small and good. And it even has a headphone jack. Share your Wi-Fi Access password One of the many delights of iOS 11 is when you join a new WiFi network and a “Share WiFi” prompt appears on a friend’s iOS device or Mac asking for your permission for the password. Once they have it, the devices do the rest.