10 keys that will mark the content marketing strategy in 2015

Content marketing has been gaining strength throughout 2014 and more than it will take throughout 2015. The forecasts are that content will become a primary part of the marketing strategy and that its weight and importance will also increase. . 90% of companies already practice it in some form or measure, but next year they will close their revalidation . Some changes will modify the strategy and the fact that consumers are increasingly open to them and that companies Hungary Mobile Database are increasingly aware of their importance will serve as basic elements to set the trends that will characterize them. What will the content that characterize this marketing effort be like in 2015? And what will companies expect from them? An expert on the subject has outlined for Mashable 10 predictions of where content marketing will lead next year and these are the guidelines that will set the agenda.

It will be people-centered If more and more people hear that personalization and the creation of customized products and elements is more important and decisive when it comes to reaching the consumer, something similar happens with content marketing. You cannot stay out of the general trend and above all you cannot squander the knowledge that companies now have. Brands will know their audiences much better in 2015 thanks to the increase in information and tools that allow them to be mined. The content will be created, therefore, to meet your expectations and interests and will adjust to what everyone (each of them) is looking for and wants. Larger brands will focus on content management When you think of a content marketing strategy, you don’t have to think only of creating and launching them into the world.

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If those responsible for the media know anything, it is that the news does not appear alone or is released alone into the world. Brands have to learn that and always remember that content, like any other asset, must be managed. The big brands have already learned that lesson, which will mean that while in 2014 the importance was on creating content, in 2015 it will be a question of knowing how to manage it. The importance will be in establishing focus and priority issues and companies Brother Cell Phone List will have less tolerance to make mistakes with their content marketing bets. Changes in the organization of social feed will push brands to do the same Until now, brands relied on social networks to get their content, since social was in fashion and it was the way that seemed most direct to reach consumers.

However, throughout 2014 there have been different changes in the algorithms that organize these feeds that have made it more difficult to reach consumers organically. Actually, Facebook has been the one that has made this difficult. The different changes in its algorithm have reduced the visibility of page updates, while the prices to achieve a payment reach have risen . Brands, therefore, will bet on building their own platforms and creating experiences in which they control the different levels of reaching the market and consumers. They want to be the owners of the communication channels and thus be able to control the conversation.

Big brands and new technology companies will fight over journalists As content has become more important, companies have begun to understand that, on the one hand, it is not so easy to create it and that, on the other, there are professionals who have all the knowledge to do it. Content marketing is going to turn journalists into a new object of desire for big brands, who will fight (and tech companies will play a leading role in the battle) to sign them as content editors or creators of content. LinkedIn offers, provide, journalists seek data and corporate storytellers , counters corporate histories .

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The forecast is for the US market although it may also reach other countries in the future. Marketing managers will become determinants for growth Marketing will be even more important in business growth rates, since content marketing will be more important than ever and this formula has proven unbeatable in terms of audience engagement and growth (that is, from potential market to market). that is attracted to the brand). The content will therefore serve to increase the business.

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