2018 Arts and Heritage Culture Bus

The Arts and Heritage – Cultural Bus project took to. The streets of Curitiba on June 16, 2018, taking art and information. For free to every corner of the city. Held by Solar do , through the Law of the Ministry of Culture. With Master sponsorship of the J. Group, it has two buses that were renovated to become itinerant cultural units. The Bus Museum is a museum on wheels with panels. Photographs, replicas of works of art. Tablets and televisions with content from museums in Curitiba and. Around the world, to teach and hold artistic workshops. The Bus Similarly, Stage is a stage equipped for music. Theater, dance and circus presentations, with a complete sound and light structure.

Project Carried Out Based On

With the objective of democratizing access to culture for. The entire population, the buses will make stops. At municipal public schools, CMEIs Municipal Child Similarly, Education Center. Special education schools, parks, squares and Citizenship Streets. They will travel through all the neighborhoods, also contributing to the formation of an audience and the 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers feeling of being Similarly, part of the city. Children, at an age that awakens to cultural awareness, and adults of all age groups will be attended. According to the project coordinator and Director of Solar do , Lucia , the project is expected to Similarly, last for two years. The stage bus will feature more than 380 theatrical performances in public places on weekends, theatrical performances in schools and community events during the week, educational music concerts, storytelling and dance shows and folk groups.

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1000 Mobile Phone Numbers

Curitiba Cultural Foundation and Curitiba

The Museum bus should bring culture to. Children from municipal public schools. The two vehicles have in common accessibility, with elevators for wheelchair users. In addition, chairs designed for the elderly Aleart News and people Similarly, with mobility difficulties will be placed in the audiences. Braille material, captions and pieces that can be played will be the Similarly, gateway to serving the public with special needs. The Municipality of Curitiba is one of the project’s supporters. Through an agreement with the Cultural Foundation of Curitiba, it loaned the two buses during the project. PUC is also a partner: teachers and students of the Technology in Digital Games course created the programming for the interactive part of the Bus Museum.