3 aspects to consider in your customer service strategy for 2019

The management of the service to the clients of a company has become one of the most important points for the offer of good experiences, to lose sight of this point is to lose opportunities with the business and even generate a negative impact for it. Did you know that 13 percent of customers dissatisfied with service issues will share their negative experience with at least 15 people while 75 percent of consumers expect a consistent customer service experience whether they interact via Italy Phone Number List, email, from social networks , on the phone or in person? The previous data referred by the Manobyte firm reveal how important this issue can be and for which it is necessary to have an adequate customer service strategy for the future.

A good way to start solving problems is to know the actions that should be discarded today, if you want to improve and create a better strategy, pay attention to the following.

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What actions negatively impact customer service?
Make things more complicated than usual

Overestimating the lack of experience of consumers is a mistake that you should avoid, today consumers are more sophisticated, experienced and knowledgeable about technical issues, however, they expect the process to contact customer service to be easy and direct.

Be indifferent

Indifference is a behavior that cannot exist in customer service, it means that the company does not really care about its consumers, an aspect that is far from the end of this department in any company.

Treat consumers like just another number

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Following what was mentioned in the previous point, this is another aspect that denotes that a brand does not really care about its consumers. . Firms and agents in this department should seek to build long and lasting relationships with consumers, show interest in doing business with them, and stay in touch to nurture the relationship. Remember that it is more profitable to keep customers than to acquire new ones.

Ignore feedback

Consumer comments are an element of great value for companies, so it is important to read and listen to them. There are people out there who really want a company to perform well, ignoring this information represents a significant loss of opportunity.

Be afraid of complaints

Finally, a customer service department that is afraid of the negative side is one that will not be able to adequately solve its customers’ problems. Complaints are unavoidable so it is essential to know how to deal with them, each of them represents an opportunity to find and solve a problem.

If you are falling into any of the above errors, you may need to improve your customer service strategy, and what better way to do it than knowing the expectations that come for this area in 2019. For this reason, below we leave you with 3 considerations of great relevance for your next strategy.

3 aspects to consider in your customer service strategy for 2019
Avoiding the generation of problems will be a priority
As a first point for your new customer service strategy, you should know that over the years, more companies have understood that the best way to avoid problems related to customer service is to prevent them from being created from the beginning. This means that not only are they taking on the task of creating content for self-help on their websites (information so that the consumer can solve only their problems) they are also sending this content through any existing meeting point between brands. and consumer .. The action can range from adding a URL in a menu of telephone options to generating self-service links in a chat window that appears as the consumer explains their problem. Brands are understanding that sometimes the best customer service interactions occur when a culture of prevention exists and service fatigue among consumers is reduced.

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Consumers expect more from a live chat session
For 2019, the demand in the area of ​​live chats is expected to continue for brands and this will have an important growth. Functions such as adding images or files to a conversation have served in recent years for firms that already implement them, so now this is a new standard that is being sought and must be exceeded.

For your customer service strategy, you should consider that consumers are expected to seek to boost the capabilities of live chats even more by making use of functions such as screen sharing or video chat. Both can be important considerations for businesses, on the one hand, screen sharing allows customer service agents Phone Number List to show a solution to the consumer in real time or to guide them step by step to solve a problem; On the other hand, video chat can help consumers to better explain what difficulties they encounter with a physical product (some piece of equipment, furniture, device, etc.) in order to find a solution.

AI will be further integrated
As the last point in your next customer service strategy, consider that today many are already familiar with Artificial Intelligence in customer service, proof of this are the hundreds of platforms with chat bots that exist everywhere, even in platforms like Facebook and Twitter. However, the above is not what this point refers to, by 2019 AI is expected to evolve to be more focused on how it can help customer service agents solve complex problems, for example, being leveraged within a customer service software from which to understand the feeling of the consumer taking as a reference the way he interacts with the business, in this way it will allow the agent to observe if the client feels frustrated due to the experience they are living. The type of information will go a long way in determining whether there is an imminent risk that the consumer will leave the business.

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In the future, the issue of customer service will continue to be an important part in the generation of good experiences, remember that these are the ones that today can make an important difference in favor of brands and therefore the strategy of customer service.