3 big marketing trends we’ll see in 2019

Marketing automation is a methodology that uses software to automate certain processes within a digital marketing strategy. The world is changing, the media is evolving and technology came to change people’s lives, but also for brands India Phone Number List to find new ways to reach the consumer. Although there are many news and trends that are brewing, there are three in particular that are worth paying attention to, since they mean a drastic change in the way we can impact our target .

Just as 10 years ago social networks were a watershed for marketing, today these three trends will decisively mark our work, so the challenge is to take one step ahead so as not to stay on the road.

Automation and artificial intelligence

It certainly sounds like science fiction, but in the middle of 2018 it is more current and real than ever. For more than a decade several technology companies such as Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Sony, Salesforce, Doppler, Zoho, Adobe, IBM and many more have bet their research efforts on developing platforms that understand the user of their products to offer you a better experience.

Some have focused on creating virtual assistants that very Jarvis style in Iron Man can respond to specific needs of users and even interact with them in a “very natural” way.

Other companies have focused on automating certain marketing processes that could not be done otherwise by humans, and it is just the trend today.

The marketing automation is a methodology that uses software to automate certain processes within a digital marketing strategy.

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According to research by Abardeen , companies that have implemented Marketing Automation actions have increased their conversion rate by 53 percent and seen their annual revenue grow by more than 3.1 percent.

Marketing automation processes can be of different types, from a reply email after a comparison on an e-commerce site , to remarketing actions combining mobile devices, geolocation and social networks.


The times of launching campaigns that target what is moving or everyone are a thing of the past, hence more and more advertisers are beginning to leave traditional media behind to migrate their budgets to digital.

A trend that we will see grow in the short term is micro-segmentation, or segmenting our target in a much more specific way, allocating small parts of the budget to each micro-segmentation instead of placing everything in just one.

Planning digital campaigns Phone Number List with micro-segmentation is something complicated and not all agencies dare to do it, since it implies dividing the target into smaller or specific parts based on tastes, interests, habits or some other variable that we may need, but in order to Doing so sooner requires a great deal of marketing intelligence and market research.

Voice & visual search

Technology came with impressive advances, one that surprises even the most skeptical is the Voice Search or voice search, which is to use the voice to search or navigate the Internet.

According to a Gartner study, by 2020, 30 percent of Internet browsing will be done without a screen and half of searches will not use a keyboard to perform. This can be achieved thanks to the fact that today there are devices and software that allow you to speak “with the machine” with a colloquial language.

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A very powerful and simple example to test this is Siri, the virtual assistant that Apple devices have, where with a simple voice command you can perform various tasks.

Today the challenge for those of us who work in this industry is to create or adapt content for the web and social networks, so that they are conducive to voice search.

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