3 graphic design tips, for non-designers

Due to the power that has been built around visual content, this guideline needs to be properly addressed. Even for non-designers. Today it is more memorable and more attractive than text content or links on social networks South Korea Phone Number List. For this reason, a certain sense is required to collaborate in graphic design. Many vendors have entered this specialty and field through graphic design software. Even in web tutorials or through contract designs with other graphic artists.

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The truth is that when content creators, who are traditionally focused on text, enter the world of the visual, they often fail. Here, the salutary thing is that they must anticipate certain basic points and give a brief review of the essential principles of design.

To your advantage, many of them know the strategic use of type, color and white space, which gives you an advantage. That situation can dramatically improve the effectiveness and aesthetics of visual content, if text is required.

Visual effectiveness
In general, visual content is more relevant to the digital strategies of many advertisers. According to Socialmediaexaminer, 32 percent of marketers prefer to use visuals, as they consider them more important to stand out.

In fact, 27 percent of them choose the visual image as the most important strategy to make your content. While 80 percent of people prefer to focus their visual efforts on social media marketing actions .

For his part, according to Brainrules, only 10 percent of the information is seen up to three days later. Therefore, despite the fact that 65 percent of people keep the content they see on social networks, it is a necessity to start prioritizing visual content.

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Visual content> Content marketing strategy
If you start thinking like a designer, you can produce eye-catching, essentially beautiful graphics. But the idea is to communicate a message more clearly. May you do your job more effectively.

Starting to consider some suggestions from professionals in the field will be the guideline to begin to improve. Design is key. It must be taken into account that visual content takes a communication strategy to the next level.

Using new areas of opportunity is also part of the risks that strategies must take. In itself, starting to get spaces in the unmarked areas of a business can balance out a polished and professional look.

Graphic design tips, for non-designers
White space for improvement
A telltale sign of an amateur designer is the scarcity (or misuse) of white space. This refers to the unmarked spaces around, or what is between the visual elements of a design.

For example, Apple’s use of spaces is extreme, but effective. The sheer void of the designs forces viewers to focus on the product.

In contrast, non-designers are keen to fill every inch of space with text, images, or other graphic elements, leaving no room to rest. As with many strategies, the “less is more” technique also works in graphic design.

Stylish typography, balance and readability
Typography simply refers to the technique of positioning and style. However, for true “non-designers”, a lot of technical knowledge is required to master type design. From the anatomy of letter shapes to the rules for kerning, following, and leadership; type of style classifications; etc.

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The basic rule is to balance readability, playing with style. Each source contributes something different. Typically, the more stylized a font is, the more difficult it is to read. If the purpose of making a design is to communicate, highly stylized and difficult-to-read fonts should be used with caution.

An easy way to balance readability and style is to use stylized fonts. That is, one for large text and smaller body text should be legible, with minimal and traditional fonts.

This combination allows you to create graphics, without forgetting its purpose: communication. The recommendation is to have a maximum of two to three fonts per chart.

A little more, and you’ll have trouble creating a consistent layout. This tip serves as a great entry point into the complex world of typography. Especially for non-designers

Choosing the right visuals
One of the hardest parts is the color. Even some full-time designers struggle Phone Number List to use color effectively. In fact, behind color there is a whole area of ​​study, since it involves psychological and technical situations.

Color options have an immense influence on the viewer’s perception of the design, therefore it must be done correctly.

For non-designers, using simple, high-contrast color schemes adds visual interest. You have to guide the viewer’s attention to the information, such as highlighting keywords, icons or specific points with information.

There are colors called complementary and divided. Complementary color schemes feature two colors with the highest possible contrast, and that’s where the variations come from.

Having a complementary color scheme divided for better viewing will show better reactions to warm and saturated colors, while colors recede.

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When choosing colors for the project, strategically used color schemes will create visual impact and highlight the most important information.