3 Marketing Lessons and Learnings from the Nintendo Direct Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Has the act of advertising video games changed over the years? As of today, does running ad promotion events create a positive or negative feeling? While there are problems, the position remains that most of them lack substance. Even in the Nintendo Direct. Game announcements are currently full of pre-rendered trailers, improperly advertised details, and embellished footage Switzerland Phone Number List. The problem with this situation is that it does not become part of the final product. Now, the audience has become too dependent on the details and the more analytical consumer.

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For example, at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2018 ( E3 ), an event focused on the world’s largest video game industry, game developers and industry leaders had an excellent opportunity to demonstrate niche marketing actions.

In addition, they also presented some other promotional tactics, especially to inject greater anticipation to the next titles.

Has E3 become a difficult barrier to overcome?
Going out at E3 can be described as added value, but it’s not relevant to the product. For example, when announcing a new video game, if the majority of the announcement is a dance that is not related to the game, it is straw.

In fact, it might not be an exaggeration to say that the Electronic Entertainment Expo has gotten very “heavy” in recent years. In order to be more spectacular, this conference focuses more on entertainment for attendees, which may even exceed what they present in the video game and electronics industry.

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For example, this year, the first half of every Ubisoft conference was turned into a music concert. The Sony ones are a suit and tie case, with theatrical performances. EA spends half of its time interviewing different athletes featured in the FIFA game. And the examples continue.

Yes, although these actions have a purpose, the audience expects something better.

Presenting new information in an organized, entertaining and concise way is the solution. That’s where the Nintendo Direct comes in.

Nintendo Direct, or direct solution
Nintendo’s true “Direct” format can be a practical solution to new video game presentations. They have been part of Nintendo’s marketing repertoire since 2011 and speak concisely about the development of their most recent titles.

They have grown over time, they know how to adapt and have changed to become an effective marketing tool. And while the public awaits the next Direct, they know that the guarantee will come by itself. On the other hand, Nintendo has figured out how to please its fans with new ads.

3 Marketing Lessons and Learnings from Nintendo Direct
Today’s Nintendo Direct focused on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, a game due out in December and positioned as a guaranteed best seller .

Although in the latest VGChartz index of most sold titles it shows that the only Nintendo game in the Top 10 of world sales is Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, with 57,316 copies, appealing to its star in-house franchise will be a success.

That’s why Nintendo launched a Direct totally focused on him.

First place: Consistency
Nintendo Directs are intentionally quick and concise. The presentations have a running time of 30 to 60 minutes. There they present new releases. They also feature prominently the company’s ambassadors, from Reggie Fils-Aimé to Masahiro Sakurai.

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Being thematic, either console or franchise, the ads follow a strict guideline. These rules for Nintendo Direct are what make them cornerstones of today’s gaming industry.


As every year, it has become one of the best options for the execution of entertainment-based events and exhibitions. However, at the same time it is used as a platform to market and discover new products, in a great way.

Second place: Social Listening
Serving the followers of a brand is something that companies should do. Nintendo Direct goes one step further: conscious ones. Campaigns must be focused on fans, they have to communicate directly with your target audience, and they will reward you with more attention and greater loyalty.

When timing a product launch, planning ahead is best. Within these Nintendo Directs, being faithful to the voice and character of a brand will be an element that exposes what it does best with its content.


This headline look is more subtle than one would expect. Instead of clearly stating what will be advertised, the presentation establishes a franchise and a smart line to follow.

This gives fans a chance to speculate, based on context rather than exposing everything. Also, that flexibility allows there to be consoles, franchises and even specific Directs and different situations.

In addition, it also demonstrates the importance of attending Social Listening . One of the characters that stood out the most in the audience’s digital Phone Number List conversation was Wualuigi. Fans of the franchise were asking for him as a playable character. Nintendo’s response was to give them Piranha Plant.

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Third place: Digital traffic
Directs are perfect for web traffic. It is a well known unspoken rule, as it always becomes a trend in digital conversation. Being a format that allows die-hard fans to connect and speculate on upcoming announcements, it generates conversation and traffic spontaneously.

This is doubled for a company like Nintendo, which has always been focused on the younger demographic. If to this we add that the majority of people aged 15-36 years use digital platforms, success will be guaranteed.


Many digital strategies today seek the position and effectiveness of digital marketing. To market in any industry and improve your own bottom line, the digital conversation is a must.