3 necessary steps to achieve the best marketing process

In the realm of marketing and advertising, the following three steps are critical to a successful process, take note. Creativity involves the work that must be done internally to develop new ideas, which do not necessarily have to be revolutionary or “innovative.” However, Nepal Phone Number List they must be original for the simple fact of arising from the thought of an individual.

As a subjective entity, creativity is difficult to measure, but innovation is. And it is that from innovation decisive changes arise within a system, innovation becomes visible to others in order to be viable and transform a creative system or renew it in its rules and ways of being carried out.

In the realm of marketing and advertising, the following three steps are critical to a successful process, take note.

  1. Define the consumer
    It is necessary to create a consumer portrait, define what they think, what they feel, their attitudes and their reactions to being exposed to a brand. At this stage it is necessary to establish consumer habits and seek an approach to the behaviors that are had and find a relationship between them and the motivators that can generate a positive reaction to the brand.
  2. Know the brand and its philosophy
    At this stage it is necessary to identify an essence that will serve as a guideline for the entire communication strategy Phone Number List for the brand. Every effort developed to promote the brand must reflect its DNA at all times and for this it is necessary to find the main cultural problem that surrounds it.
  3. Communication brief
    When the first points have been established with absolute clarity, it is time to draw up a master plan that directs each communication effort so as not to lose the characteristics of the consumer or the philosophy of the brand. It is time to contact the creatives, who will have greater clarity to determine the following points.
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Competitive environment, strengths of competition Brand
opportunity areas
Communication task
Determine the target audience, whom to direct communication efforts
Find the essence of the brand
Establish concrete ideas and the integral part of the communication strategy
After that , you will be ready to run a campaign, which will have to be measurable and quantifiable through the various metrics that exist for this purpose.