3 out of 4 SMEs already consider that their online marketing strategy is being effective

Small and medium-sized businesses are optimistic about the results of their investment in digital marketing, so they will continue to invest in the future. 65% of SMEs affirm that their internet marketing strategy is effective or very effective, and it is useful for them to get new customers. This is shown by the Bright Local study. To evaluate this effectiveness, companies resort to metrics such as the number of calls to the company (31%), referral traffic and search engine positioning (20%), visits to the company, or requests registered through the web (14%). Half of SMEs allocate a third of their budget to digital media. An investment that has grown slightly compared to the previous year (49%). Likewise, 30% of these companies Greece Mobile Database, located in the United States and Canada dedicate more than 70% of their resources to digital marketing.

Likewise, these companies plan to allocate more resources this year (37%), compared to the 21% registered during the same period of the previous year; while 47% are evaluating this possibility. It is true that the resources available to these small organizations are not very high, but they do strive to maintain them, and even increase them as far as possible. The study indicates that 83% of respondents spend less than $ 1,000 per month on their marketing strategy. In fact, the majority (73%) of this budget does not exceed $ 500 per month. Despite this, they are satisfied with the results, so it could be a matter of time before they decide to make a bigger bet in this regard. The effectiveness of digital marketing for SMEs is also appreciated among Spanish companies.

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The QDQ report indicated that 88% of them considered digital marketing key to success. In this case, the basis of its strategy revolved around its website (88%), the central axis of advertising and sales oriented (75%). The main reason for developing an active presence on the internet is the need to impact customers, wherever they are. For this, 74% of Spanish SMEs consider it important to insert advertising on social networks Brother Cell Phone List. Also, it is important to take into account its influence not only for e-commerce, but for offline sales. Webrooming is an established trend, which already represents 70% of sales.

On the other hand, these companies have also begun to harness the power of social media as a product launch pad. 43% of the new services launched in Europe and the United States were carried out through social networks; this percentage rose to 57% in Spain . As we can see, small and medium-sized companies have found in digital media the ideal tool to promote their products and services, and thus catch up with the large ones. Internet democracy presents a world of possibilities that these organizations have discovered, and are willing to take advantage of.

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