38% of companies do not implement any type of personalization in their marketing strategy

Personalization is an essential ingredient today to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. In the age of knowledge of the customer, offering a personalized experience allows you to distance yourself from the competition, and increase the degree of customer satisfaction. The report published by Redeye in collaboration with Consultancy indicates that still 38% of companies have not implemented any type of personalization in their marketing strategy Hong-Kong Mobile Database. Among those who do apply this option in their marketing actions, the vast majority have implemented personalization in e-mail marketing (88%), while close to half also in their site (44%) and 20% in The Social Media and search engine marketing.

The commitment to customization is still too basic The conclusions of the study show that the degree of personalization and adaptation to the target audience is still in its infancy, being reduced mainly to the e-mailing strategy. For personalization to be truly effective, and to provide customers with an integrated experience, it must be extended across the entire marketing strategy. Is personalization effective? Despite this basic implementation, companies have seen positive results from customization. The study data indicate that 90% of those surveyed have shown an increase in the conversion rate.

For their part, 92% claim to have improved the performance of their search engine marketing strategy, while 89% also in Social Media. As we can see, the efforts by companies to improve the experience of their target audience are not being in vain. Not surprisingly, 92% of marketers show interest in this area. Personalization is presented as an essential element when planning online marketing Brother Cell Phone List actions this year; where Big Data will play an essential role.

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According to Forrester and Conversant Media, 47% of companies consider that personalization is essential to achieve the objectives of their campaigns, while 63% show its relevance when it comes to obtaining long-term results. 60% of them plan to continue investing in this area, the potential of which is yet to be discovered. However, they are aware of the barriers and difficulties that they will have to face, in terms of privacy, data integration and limitations in terms of tools and resources available.

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