4 aspects that significantly influence a mobile content marketing strategy

So far we have heard countless times that of “content is king. And experience has confirmed it. This strategy, based on offering consumers content presented on different media, be they social networks, videos, document presentations , infographics or ebooks, has proven to be effective in terms of generating leads for companies and, consequently, increasing their sales. However, the creation of content is a marketing strategy that requires planning and effort, in addition to knowing the situation in which the sector is right now and the behavior of consumers. The latter is a key condition for brands to be successful in their content strategy Chile Mobile Database. This is mainly due to the rise and development of mobile devices today. Thus, it is not surprising that 95% of B2B companies claim that content marketing has helped them achieve their objectives, according to a study by the company Taconic Biosciences, or that most of the businesses that have used it underline their benefits in terms of improving these contents to facilitate consumer purchasing processes.

A trend that has come to stay, given the high use that consumers make of smartphones and tablets, as well as the advertising investment that they accumulate in recent years. That is why companies have to echo these attitudes by their potential customers and install a content marketing strategy for mobile devices in their forecasts. Such planning will help you, as mentioned, to significantly improve the web traffic of a given business initiative, to respond more quickly to customer queries and to set trends among competing companies. That is why below we analyze four keys through which brands and companies will be able to develop an effective content marketing campaign applied to mobile devices that helps them fulfill their purposes and content thanks to the power they have in current both smartphones and tablets in regards to the needs of the public.

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Accessibility The first criterion to take into account is that the company’s content is available on all mobile devices and platforms. In this sense, it is essential that the customer is included and put effort into those characteristics that define mobile users. Among these, his interest in having a successful experience on any type of device stands out, and that it is available at any time. Location 77% of searches through mobile devices are done at home or at work. However, the bounce rate through these media is almost ten points higher than that of laptops and personal computers Brother Cell Phone List. The reason? One of the most used by experts is because customers are looking for products and services locally. Thus, when they cannot find them through mobile devices, they go to look for them elsewhere, and it seems that they find them in more conventional devices, such as PCs or laptops. In this sense, it is recommended that brands find out what their potential customers want locally.

To do this, nothing better than to manage Google Trends and search for this customer behavior by geographical area. A) Yes, Flexibility As a third key, it is vital that companies that develop content through smartphones and tablets do so 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To verify that this need is satisfied, nothing better than having a responsive design by companies and brands. This means that web pages are adapted to interleave different resolutions and screen sizes. This makes it easier for users to exchange such content with their co-workers, family and friends, thereby increasing the number of visits. Web development 57% of mobile users determine that they would not recommend a service or product from a company that they had visited on the Internet and had a poorly developed website. In this sense, brands have to convey the opinions of users to all devices in which they want to advertise and reach them. Hence, companies must have a website fully developed for these new technologies, as they allow customers to adapt to them with better availability.

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