4 aspects to enhance the work of your sales team

On many occasions, the sales and marketing areas come into conflict when they work separately. On the one hand, sales says that Belgium Phone Number List marketing is sending you unqualified leads, while marketing claims that sales are not taking advantage of the opportunities that it sends you.

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According to the HubSpot State of Inbound study, collaboration between the two areas tends to produce more measurable results for the marketing team.

For this reason, what does your sales team need to enhance their capabilities?

Training is very important
According to Luz María Saade, a sales expert and professional lecturer, said in an interview with Merca 2.0 that training is very important, since it is a matter that is left to the expertise of the seller and it is a matter that involves the company.

“Training is very important, today work teams are integrated and they don’t even want to give him induction, they don’t train him and we don’t know if we know the skills of each salesperson. So it is essential that we know what the strengths of our collaborators are in order to implement a strategy ”, he indicated.

Setting achievable goals
For Saade, author of the book “Excellence and Psychology in Sales”, the goals should have been studied to know the market and define the strategy to be implemented, knowing the competitors, the opportunities, the advantages and disadvantages.

Avoid constant staff turnover
“An effective sales team avoids having so much turnover, when the opposite happens with our sales team, it is because there is no integration, collaboration and there is no inclusion, so many times we have isolated salespeople who do not meet goals, who they do not close sales and they are finally fired for their lack of results ”, indicated Luz María Saade.

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For the specialist, it is very important that the salespeople have the tools and support of their team, from the commercial director Phone Number List (in which case that is the highest position in that area) to the manager who is mentoring the salesperson.

It must be clear to the seller what he does
Another of the deficiencies that sellers show when doing their work is not knowing the product they are selling and therefore they make agreements that do not adhere to the identity of the brand and therefore there are bad experiences at the time of relating the sale with the results.

Sales and marketing face a host of internal and external challenges, which, working together, point to the need for marketing to seek to align with sales. Undoubtedly, the double pressure of measuring return on marketing investment and the lack of a marketing budget are virtually linked to internal pressure.

With companies focused on macro growth, a “trust-but-verify” approach is the order of the day for marketing.

Both areas must justify their existence, but especially marketing, since the measure of effectiveness is more evident in sales.

The budget that cannot be justified, particularly that allocated to new investments, will disappear. Through closer alignment with Sales, Marketing can ensure that the investments it makes are fully used to support sales forecast.

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