4 important reasons to bet on mobile in your marketing strategy

Mobile devices are increasingly popular and are increasingly present in the daily lives of citizens. They use them more and more in a massive way and make more and more use of them. The presence of smartphones and tablets in everyday life is increasingly common and therefore the need for brands to enter these environments is equally recurrent. Brands need to start getting serious about mobile terrain. The growth in investment in advertising for mobile terminals points, as recalled in a column in Mobile Marketer , that mobile is no longer an option for the future but rather one for the present. Brands have to make an effort to position themselves on the mobile ground because the pitch is already there Italy Mobile Database. But also, and if for that reason it is not enough, the analysis of this medium points out four other reasons why mobile cannot be forgotten in the marketing strategy.

The chances of segmentation are much greater Mobile devices offer much more detail about consumers and what they are doing than other internet-connected devices. And, in addition, they are much closer to the consumer. As they explain in the analysis, given that no one leaves home regularly without their smartphone, this device has become a powerful real-time marketing tool. Brands can thus take advantage of the different advantages offered by these terminals, such as the fact that they can geolocate consumers, to create tailored messages. On the other hand, consumers are using these devices as an entry point to investigate many of the products they buy, many times in the same store in which they are considering buying it, which opens a new potential window of communication.

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Are mobile metrics much more efficient and more meaningful? The second point that the analysis defends is possibly the most controversial. The facts are that the traditional metrics that were used to follow consumers and to understand what they were doing, the popular cookies, no longer really work in the mobile market and do not offer really efficient and accurate results. Brands are looking for other ways to measure what is happening in these terminals. And, those modes, or what they are already doing, are offering, defending, much more accurate and adequate data than what can be had on the desktop Brother Cell Phone List. Thus, they point out, the applications are giving much more concrete and accurate data about what consumers are doing and they are also giving it first-hand.

That is: brands can directly receive information about who they are and what their consumers are. The potential is also yet to be explored and the actions that can be taken to investigate what consumers are doing may be even more specific and exact in the future. Consumers feel closer to brands on mobile Are consumers more receptive to brands on mobile than on their computers? The truth is that studies show, data in hand, that for the moment that is just what is happening. Internet users respond better to brand messages on these terminals than they do on their computers. According to a Google study, smartphone users are 1.4 times more likely to see an ad and 1.8 times more likely to share it. The mobile creates a feeling of intimacy, of proximity, between who is viewing the content and the content that is offered. Mobile has to be a priority With consumers increasingly in the mobile environment and expecting brands to be there, companies have no choice but to jump into that environment and be there. It is the final and unanswerable argument: there is no choice but to be there. Brands have to safeguard their image in the mobile universe and be able to match what they offer in other spaces there as well.

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