4 keys to the premiere of House of Cards that make you doubt its success

There is no deadline that is not met and November 2 arrived for the world to finally have access to the new and final season of House of Cards . Just because it is the final season of a series that set the standard Russia Phone Number List in the content of streaming video platforms, we would think that the furor would be at least the same as that generated with each released season, but it is not like that.

The following 5 keys raise doubts about the success of the premiere:

Trends. Various fan posts were recorded on social media, but the series does not feature in the holdings, indicating a decline in popularity for what was once Netflix’s star content.

Frank weighs. It is known that the eight new episodes do not revolve around the absence of Frank, but from the beginning it is immediately revealed that he died in bed, but leaves the cause of his death open as a mystery. However, on Twitter the constant is to mention that without him there is no story, so in the end, his departure weighs on the viewer.

Moments In Mexico, the premiere is not even among the highlights on Twitter. The Day of the Dead predominates and even some notes on emojis and notes from days gone by, but unlike recent releases Phone Number List like the new version of Sabrina, House of Cards is conspicuous by its absence.

Doug Stamper . Although Claire Underwood’s attempt at total empowerment is notorious, the truth is that a male character is the true impetus to the series: Doug Stamper. The new content is completely connected with the actions of the character who comes to fill the strength of Frank Underwood. Not being congruent with the discourse can be expensive for the product.

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In the end, it only remains to wait for the official figures, although Netflix does not usually share them, there are always media that calculate the impact.