4 marketing actions on Halloween that the strategist should be aware of

Every October 31, Halloween or Halloween is celebrated , with costumes, parties and tours of the streets to receive sweets. In Mexico, the tradition has been adopted so that consumption is activated on that date Albania Phone Number List. In fact, consumers invest approximately 556 pesos in their costume and 557 pesos on average in the decoration and purchase of sweets, according to a survey carried out last year by the app and website Ofertia.com.mx .

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That is why they are an important opportunity Phone Number List area for brands. Some have been developing actions for days and today they put special effort into their practice.

Trends. The most searched trends on costumes in Google this 2018 are:

Costumes As for the most sought after superhero costume on eBay in Mexico, it was Spider-Man, but Deadpool also appears. Other of the most sought after costumes were the Kigurumi.

Special editions. The Halloween season this year will be resumed by the coffee chain, Starbucks , with the Witch’s Brew Frappuccino drink , a strategy that concerns the reliable formula that the chain has used in recent months: special editions .

Promotions. This October 31 and November 1, children who go to Krispy Kreme in costume will be able to enjoy a free Original Glazed Donut at any of the branches, except Factories of France and Liverpool.

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