4 trends that show the way of creative innovation

No matter what creative specialty you play in the way of marketing, trends permeate its development and therefore it is important that you have notion of them. Raúl Chávez, Japan Phone Number List Business and Strategy manager at Ford Mexico’s product development office, believes that one of the most prevalent and future trends is respect for the environment.
Some of these trends ecofriendly and sustainable trends turn out to be beneficial to guarantee a future,

  1. New designs and materials
    Based on market needs, the paradigm shift in people’s vision and the needs that the current world demands, the automotive industry incorporates new materials and adapts new designs that guarantee sustainability, safety, ergonomics and efficiency in the product.
    new designs, new materials
  2. New Mobility Trends Mobility
    has never been exclusive to cars, especially if we think of an urban environment. Mobility is also generated by means of non-polluting light vehicles and mass transport: trains, buses, taxis, public transport, etc. In each of these areas there are non-polluting transports and those that do… and of course, there is also the possibility of moving on their own feet.
  3. Urbanization
    Societies in general find in urban centers a pole of attraction that generates development, a growth of the middle class, the development of urban infrastructure and implies an improvement in the quality of life of people Phone Number List although this is not always the case. .
  4. Environment
    The growth of cities and their societies, as well as the transformation of customs and paradigms, encourages automotive companies to transform their objectives and promote new, non-polluting technologies. Which represents an area of ​​immense opportunity and development for industrial design and the automotive industry.
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