4 unusual prospecting criteria to keep your sales going smoothly

There are times when sales go round. When you contact a potential client, the stars align and everything moves fast towards the sale in a natural and logical way, you feel like the best salesperson in the world. And on top of that, the client is nice and everything. However, on other occasions you don’t stop swimming against the current, management becomes an obstacle course, all progress costs a lot of sweat, and even the client is nothing short of obnoxious. The usual thing is that these two antagonistic and extreme situations, but real, come pre-programmed by your prospecting China Mobile Database. The selection of the potential client deserves much more effort than we normally dedicate to it. And yet, selecting who we dedicate our commercial time to is as relevant as selecting the land to sow a seed. The grounds are neither good nor bad, they are suitable or not for the plant that has to grow on them. Are you trying to flirt with who you shouldn’t? For the commercial relationship to be fruitful, there must be an adequate customer-supplier fit.

Not only can companies lose customers, they can also lose suppliers, and this can hurt them too. If we are focused on the short term with our supplier and we are concerned to squeeze the maximum to our benefit, beyond what is reasonable, we may harm ourselves. It is possible that the supplier will make us pay for it in the future, if they are in a stronger position, or even stop wanting to work with us. As sellers we must be able to identify these types of companies and run away from them. 4 Ideas to Consider When Prospecting It is possible that you are not taking into account any of the following prospecting criteria; I invite you to consider them.

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1.- An interesting way to prospect is to select companies that you like. If you are a client of a service, even if you are a fan of it, if you are passionate about what your potential client does, if you feel admiration for their work, you will have it easier to sell them.

2.- You need companies with which you share values. It is not easy to find sister companies in securities, but at least some basic principles need to be met. If this condition is not met, and there are manifest dissonances, it is advisable to withdraw. Otherwise the problems are guaranteed. Abandon those clients incompatible with your principles.

3.- Only satisfied customers serve you. If you identify that a type of client is frequently dissatisfied, and you see that the problem is difficult to solve, abandon this commercial management. Focus on identifying your satisfied customers and look for more like them. Don’t you call your clients because you are afraid they will cancel your service Brother Cell Phone List? Get out of that situation quickly, find a way to talk to all of them and find out what is happening.

4.- If you have some services that frequently generate dissatisfaction in your clients, for whatever reason, consider eliminating them from your portfolio. Focus on those with a high probability that customers will be happy. As you can see, for the application of all these strategies you need, on the one hand, a deep knowledge of your potential client, and on the other, a continuous and trustworthy treatment with the users of your products. If you have problems in sales, it is very likely that you will have to act in these fields. And you, are you looking for the perfect partner, or do you get along like cat and dog with your client?

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