4 Ux Trends to Transform Your Marketing Strategy

There is no denying the importance of user experience (ux) optimization for marketing and sales. According to forrester research , visit-to-visit conversions can exceed 400% on sites with superior user experience. But even if you follow all the important ux practices, there are always new ways to disrupt your ux strategy and achieve exponential growth. Here are 4 notable ux trends to consider working into your marketing strategy. 1. Conversational design there has been a lot of chatbot buzz over the past year or so, so you probably know a little about it. By using structured design and artificial intelligence, businesses can deliver better customer service and more to their audiences with chatbots.

Conversational Design

While most chats today are used with messaging apps such as facebook and kik, marketers can also use them on their websites in a conversational design. Introducing new site visitors to a familiar chat experience is a great Sweden Phone Number List way to encourage them to participate right from the start. A static landing page just doesn’t have the same effect. The most popular way to use chats on your website is as a widget . You’ve probably seen this before while browsing the web: but if you want to go all-in with conversational design, you can turn your landing pages into chatbots themselves. Landbot.

Better Personalization

Sweden Phone Number List

Io is a tool that does this: many businesses are already using chatbots to customize the user experience by recommending products and services based on the unique needs of consumers. The study also showed that both Aleart News millennials and baby boomers rate the usefulness of chats, including 24-hour service: you can create your own conversational flowmaps to create a simple rule-based chatbot. Or you can go all out and use ai to create something even more useful. Either way, you’ll be ready to take advantage of conversational design for better ux.

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