5 basic points that every content marketing strategy must comply with

Content marketing has become an element that no brand seems willing to give up. Its potential is very high and it also allows reaching consumers in a way that other marketing elements do not. Consumers love content and are especially receptive to it, which makes brands more than likely to create it. But the content does not work only as a way to connect with the consumer, but it is also a very effective way to achieve the objectives that companies want to achieve with their marketing campaigns. To do this, however, they will have to strive to make a solid and solvent marketing strategy and leave nothing to chance. El-Salvador Mobile Database Because content marketing is not simply simply publishing information on the internet, but rather establishing a strategy and complying with it. In a report by Salesforce and Pardot, they have analyzed which are the basic points that should be followed in content marketing, allowing to establish 5 basic points that should not be missing.

Identify objectives It is one of the traditional points in all marketing campaigns and it is one of those that is often forgotten in the new times of the internet. The truth is that the base should never be lost. If before doing an advertising campaign you think about who should see those ads, why is it not equally clear that you have to think about the person who will receive these content? Therefore, before starting to do anything, those responsible for the firm must sit down and identify the objectives they want to achieve. For example, the usual thing is that leads are searched. According to data in the report, 59% of B2B marketers cite leads as their main objective. Once you know what you want to achieve, you have to cross that information with data about the consumer (it is necessary to define what the market is) and also with data about the brand.

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The company has to do an analysis work and identify what its strengths are. Choose the content that best matches what you are looking for Once the profile of what you want and the market you want to reach has been created, it is necessary to choose the content with which that end will be achieved. “The types of content that can be created seem unlimited, but the truth is that some content will be more suitable for your content strategy than others,” they recall in the report. It is not simply about producing content, but you have to create the exact content to reach the specific consumer you want to seduce.

Thus, brands can keep a blog, which works especially when what you want is to establish yourself as an expert source in the market; with white papers or ebooks, which especially help when it comes to getting leads; with snackable video content, which works as one of the content that best reaches the receiver; with visual content, which are very popular; with more traditional success stories, which help convince you to use a product; with webinars, which are positioned to educate consumers on a topic; or with podcasts, whose popularity is growing Brother Cell Phone List. Reach out to buyers Having content and having set objectives is very important, but it is even more important that these contents really reach those who buy the products or that they really help them in making the purchase decision. Content has, therefore, to adapt to the different needs of consumers, who expect different content throughout the purchase process and who want totally different things at all times.

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It is clearly seen when the example of B2B buyers is taken: 77% want the content that companies offer them to be different at each moment of purchase. Thus, at the beginning of the process is when you have to launch content with an educational vocation, when you are in the middle of the process it is time to launch content that is adjusted to the product and specific needs and when you reach the end it is time to give the final push for the own brand to be chosen. Planning is not an option In addition, content marketing has to be planned to the millimeter. As with all strategies, you need to take a moment beforehand to determine the when and how. Before starting to create content and upload it to the network, it is necessary to take into account the duration of the campaign or to know perfectly who will be responsible for it.

Marketers must know for sure how the content will help their business interests and also the relationships that will be established between the different content when it comes to reaching the end goal. It cannot be left to chance or chance. Everything must be carefully planned. Create content and distribution maps Once all the demands of the previous points have been created, it is time to get to the end point. Brands have to carry out content mapping (a content map) and launch into its distribution. When launching content to the world, brands have to take into account both the audience they want to reach and the format they will use to position the content and the advantages offered by the contact networks they already have.

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