5 elements that make the new Sabrina a success in marketing

Kiernan Shipka, the little Sally Draper from Mad Men, plays the character of Sabrina in the new series entitled Chilling Adventures of Sabrina . Before and after its premiere, the series attracts attention due to its commitment to current elements that may well augur its success Bolivia Phone Number List. From marketing, monitoring of this product can be foreseen, because it integrates at least 6 keys that promote its relevance:

It is pet-friendly
One of the strongest elements – previously analyzed in this medium – is the integration of real animals in the plot. Unlike the 90s version, when it was clearly an animatronic cat talking and a normal cat running, now Salem is a real cat. At the event he paraded and caused a sensation on social networks, the best way to publicize the series to premiere in a couple of days.

During all the chapters there are facts directly related to animals and their relevance in the environment, something that connects with the public for whom this version is especially directed: the Millennials.

This trend is especially for them to such an extent that the Gale agency revealed that 4 out of 10 see companion animals as practice babies in what they analyze if they bet on becoming parents of a human. More than half of the households of this generation have a dog or a cat. An analysis by the American Pet Products Association revealed that they invest large amounts of money in caring for their pets, which grows on average 12 percent annually.

It has been known for a few months that Kiernan Shipka would bring the character to life in a “darker” way, which is the appeal of the new product. Terror in the series Phone Number List has been a constant on Netflix, with hits like American Horror Story and currently the acclaimed The Haunting of Hill House , each with its own proportions.

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Integrating horror and suspense has been an extremely intelligent move in this series that places it as a brand differentiator.

Spoiler caution . Sabrina’s cousin, Ambrose , is in charge of representing the gay community in the series. He gets hooked on a relationship with another sorcerer and for his family this is a more than common situation, which stands out from the series that proposes to see the theme as part of human life, rather than as a promotion of tolerance.

It is worth mentioning that the income of the LGBT community reaches 700 billion dollars every year worldwide, according to studies by De la Riva Group.

At the time Sabrina was played by Melissa Joan Hart, her work aired from 1996 to 2003, for seven seasons. The series was so successful that it led to Netflix’s interest in retaking it and making it the series we know today. The platform did not set aside this element that drives the content and, on the contrary, integrated the “old guard” as influencers to remember the premiere of the series.

Riverdale mystery
To pique fans and add many who follow Riverdale, in episode seven of the first season, a Riverdale character visits nearby Greendale. Ben (Moses Thiessen) comes to deliver a pizza to the protagonists of the spin-off, which cast doubt on the tragic “end” of the character in Riverdale. In the third season of the series Ben fell through a hospital window.

There the euphoria of the fans is unleashed to know if his appearance in Greendale is before or after his supposed death and if there will be a crossover, despite the fact that the creator of both, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, said that it was not.

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In the end it is an excellent promotion for both.