5 fundamental branches of neuroscience for the neuromarketing specialist

More and more strategies are focused on neuromarketing and it has become relevant, thanks because it constitutes an ally for companies Croatia Phone Number List. Harvard University and Yale University recently revealed that 95 percent of customer decisions are not rational, making the implementation of neuromarketing effective .

But behind it there is an interdisciplinary science closely related to other disciplines, such as mathematics, linguistics, engineering, computer science, chemistry, philosophy, psychology or medicine, called neuroscience .

This makes it easier to understand neuromarketing through various branches that especially concern this strategy. Although there are many more branches, the following five are directly related to neuromarketing, therefore, they are fundamental for the strategist.

To understand how the mechanisms of the human brain intervene in the relationship between customer and product, it is necessary to know about:

It studies the neural mechanisms of the brain that control the acquisition, understanding and utterance of language.

Cultural neuroscience
It is the branch that analyzes the beliefs, practices and cultural values ​​that shape and shape the brain, minds and genes in different periods.

Computational neuroscience
Computers are used to simulate and model brain functions, and to apply techniques from mathematics Phone Number List, physics and other similar fields to study brain function. Computational Neuroscience is a consolidated discipline, with more than 20 years of development, and that uses very diverse techniques to understand different brain computations.

Affective neuroscience
Analyze the behavior of neurons in relation to emotions. This directly concerns emotional marketing or nostalgia marketing strategies.

Of behavior
This branch focuses on the study of the biological bases of behavior, which are also transcendental to discover consumer behavior in detail. Behavior is the way an individual acts before society, actions can define their behavior as good or bad.

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