5 planning tips for advertising and marketing creatives

One of the best recommendations to carry out your work as an advertising creative is to maintain a close relationship with some tips that could make some days and professional stages more pleasant, as well as more productive Jamaica Phone Number List. Five of them are listed below

  1. Know or ask what the audience is like. You don’t need to become a consummate insighter or ethnologist who is an expert in social theories and / or consumer behavior, but learning who you are going to address offers a better idea of ​​how to speak visually with your consumer market. .

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  1. Work on the available communication channels. Be it 360 campaigns, a magical and exclusive BTL or an ATL media explosion that makes you feel like a media magician, take advantage of what you have, find a way to adapt the design to the medium, it is not a euphemism to tell you: “ Leave it … don’t fly away … ”, no, but what is certain is that the areas are becoming increasingly unified in a way that all the fields go with the intention of joining forces to make the most of the resources available to them. .
  2. Seek to nourish yourself with ideas from a brief . Many times or almost always you will work hand in hand with other fields that will try to “translate and execute their idea with your hands”, and do not fight with it, better share ideas and rallies that turn an idea into something more understandable for everyone.
    Briefs are a well-known tool that can function as “beacons” to guide you through the thunderous sea of ​​marketers’ needs. Just as the idea of ​​a boxfrief can be a very stimulating idea to unleash the muses of creativity.
  3. Focus communication by art guides or style guides. An army without a uniform on the battlefield will end up fighting in a disorganized and chaotic way Phone Number List. Therefore, in the design, knowing how to organize and “standardize” your materials with a visual branding, carried by art guides or style guides (which for the case are the same), will facilitate the construction of new materials and solidify the conglomerate of touch. brand points to make sense in the mind of the consumer. And this is due to the fact that the human brain tends to look for sequences and patterns, elements that have consistency between them, that is why brandishing a brand from the foundations is like giving good “roots” to a human being: they are going to provide bases with which to confront the world, with the market.
  4. Maintain a logical and understandable order on the work files. The daily life of design is full of constant changes and adjustments that can be the cause of high sales of “cafiaspirins”, but constant headaches can also be prevented by making that world more bearable (denial is not an option); by means of maintaining a work order and planning even with the control of our battlefield (desktop in the case of design).
    Design is a profession that undoubtedly requires and is dramatically nourished by creativity and the generation of ideas, the more brilliant the proposals are, the more novelty they can achieve and with it differentiation, but it is also a truth that it can be risky to walk through the roof with thousands of ideas without executing one of all those.
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Knowing how to understand branches such as marketing and advertising is very beneficial, processes can be streamlined, and understanding how to solve certain projects becomes a more orderly and better focused task.

It is not about mechanizing and / or annihilating the creative spirit and overflowing with creative ideas, it is on the contrary, providing a greater scope for the concretion and optimization of working methods.