5 Reasons Why it Works

The second reason for in-house content creation is viewed from an SEO standpoint. When I say getting links to your website is important for rankings, hopefully I’m not telling you anything new. Qualitative internal content can take care of this, in a very natural and good way for Google.

Okay, take a step back. You do not get a link from a website, but from a person. Someone who finds your content interesting enough to refer to it on his or her website. Here again you see that it is essential to get this person on your website. If you have thought carefully about who this person is and how you can reach this person in your content strategy, there is a chance that he or she will include a link to your good piece of content.

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In order to realize this, you must know from whom you could get a possible link and then adjust your content strategy accordingly. For example, are you targeting a financial journalist? Or on that famous holiday blogger? What do you have to say that is interesting for this target group?

3. Sharing knowledge

Online you have the opportunity to convince a large group of people of your knowledge. With content you can perfectly show what your skills are and why the target group should be with you. For example, if you have a webshop with motorcycle clothing, it is extremely valuable to show through Controlling Directors Email Lists content creation that you know everything about these products. If you go one step further, you also show the target group all kinds of tips for motorcycling or you post an expert review about the latest model Harley Davidson.

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Controlling Directors Email Lists

4. Promotion Channel

Once you’ve had a successful content campaign on your blog for a while, visitors will come back more often to see if you have anything interesting to say. Thanks to your content creation, you have now created a whole new channel for promoting a new product or promotion. Previously, you may have been limited to a Google AdWords remarketing campaign or engaged in a lot of email marketing. By creating good internal content, an extra option has been added.