5 Skills Marketers Must Master to Be Competitive by 2020

The marketing and advertising industry is very competitive, so it constantly experiences changes, accompanying the social context and highly influenced by technology. This demands marketers and advertisers Panama Phone Number List to live in constant evolution. What better example than two of the main trends in recent years, which are showing that they will continue to grow in the near future: artificial intelligence and virtual and augmented reality.

Just look at the investment that AR and VR will represent by 2020, estimated at about $ 80 billion , according to projected data in Statista. Meanwhile, AI will grow to exceed 25 thousand 995 million by 2021 , according to the same source.

And, this is something that marketers and advertisers should be very aware of. In Mexico alone, there are more than 175 thousand men and women who are professionally engaged in some activity related to this sector, who during their working life will seek to change jobs or projects but, for this, they must master the aptitudes, skills and competencies that allow you to stand out.

The important thing up to this point, is how that both technologies influenced and transformed the marketing landscape; to generate experiences, customer service, customer experience, sales teams, programmatic advertising, among many other areas.

This means that the changes will not stop taking place and, in that sense, it will be reflected in the fact that brands and companies will seek a more diverse workforce in the coming years; Specifically, by 2020, very particular skills will be required for firms to be successful.

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In this context, MarketPro, a consultancy specialized in recruitment in marketing areas, exposes a series of marketing skills that marketers must have by 2020. We share 5 of them that you cannot omit:

Agility and ability to adapt
According to the consultancy, it is indisputable that the business world is changing and moving towards the future, and for those professionals who seek to remain competitive, one of the qualities that will be forced to change their mindset and develop the agility to adapt to new ecosystem.

Out stereotypes
It seems that in recent years the idea has been developed that the millennial generation is very different from the generations of marketers and advertisers that precede them (generation X and baby boomer), but this must be overcome, the future has already arrived and has no mercy against those who do not adapt no matter what generation they belong to. Today and in future, multiculturalism and the interrelation between generations is more crucial than one in order to grow and evolve together. It is an imperative question and those who are not willing to adopt it will be exposed to being outdone.

Digital Mindset
The ignorance of technology and its constant evolution and influence in the sector is another demand for marketing and public specialists who seek to remain competitive in the coming years.

Strategic thinking
We live in the information age and where the collection, processing and analysis of data is essential for firms to develop insights that allow them to build effective strategies to connect with their audiences Phone Number List. Having the ability to discern and take advantage of data to apply it to business intelligence will be an advantage over the rest.

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Many are called and few have the profile and skills, as well as the emotional intelligence to take on this role. If you are looking to grow in the professional field, you must assume a leadership role.

Not convinced and looking for something more immediate?
One of the areas that has gained more prominence in recent years is cybersecurity, the list of brands and companies that have suffered hackers who have exposed their information and that of their customers (or users) does not stop growing, cases such as Facebook, Apple, British Airways and Under Armor, are just some of the cases that occurred this year.

So brands must invest in cybersecurity IT systems and human teams, and in fact, it’s one of the positions where half of commercial firms have talent spouts, according to Digital Guardian.

According to the data theft prevention company, there is a 0 percent unemployment rate in this position, there is even a lack of coverage of at least 32 percent of jobs with this profile. So if you are looking for a new professional horizon, studying a related career or specializing in this field could be a good option.