5 Strategies to Recover Abandoned Carts from an eCommerce

If your business is an online store, it is sure that it is the protagonist of your non-profits. Today I come to tell you about the abandoned cart .

And it is that the rate of abandoned carts in ecommerce is higher than 70% worldwide. But beware! a fact that will surprise you:

Spain is the country in the world with the most abandoned carts. 86% of buyers leave their purchase process halfway .
The good news is that turning abandoned carts into reclaimed ones is easy if you know how. There are 泰国电话号码表 various marketing strategies and digital tools designed to rescue those customers who have run away from the sale at the last minute.
Stay, because in this post I am going to tell you why you are losing sales and how to recover carts to increase your eCommerce income by up to 10%.

What is an abandoned cart in eCommerce?
Cart Abandonment Vs Navigation Abandonment
Cart Abandonment Vs Checkout Abandonment
How to analyze your abandoned carts
Why do abandoned carts occur?

  1. I was just looking, with no real purchase intention
  2. Unexpected cost overruns
  3. Registration obligation
  4. Long or complex purchase process
  5. Lack of confidence
  6. Usability errors
  7. Lack of payment options
  8. Long delivery time
    5 Strategies to recover abandoned carts from an online store
    How to recover abandoned carts with Email Marketing
    Retargeting on Facebook and Instagram Ads
    Cart Recovery with Google Ads
    Cart Recovery with Instant Messaging
    Pop up before abandonment
    What is an abandoned cart in eCommerce?
    Lets start by the beginning. Let’s talk about what an abandoned cart is.
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Cart abandonment occurs when an ecommerce customer adds products to their virtual shopping cart, but does not finish the purchase process.

Leave the online store before pressing the magic button: PAY.

example abandoned cart

If we compare it with a local business, it would be like when the customer enters the store, looks, touches, asks prices, goes through the fitting room, doubts for a long time, walks around with the product in hand and finally walks out the door. without having bought.

That is why cart abandonment is one of the key performance indicators of an eCommerce and must be 警报消息 measured accurately.All major CMSs (Shopify, Protestant, Magento) have an automatic log of bounces but it is important to understand how it is calculated.

To calculate your abandoned cart rate , you must divide the number of started purchase processes and divide it by the unfinished ones. Such that:

Cart abandonment rate = (Sales completed / Purchase processes started) * 100

For example:

(391/2870) * 100 = 13.62% Effective Sales + 86.38% Abandoned Cars

In Spain the average rate is above 85%, although it depends on the sector. You can check the average abandonment rates by industry here.

But before measuring yourself against your competition, I recommend you measure yourself, calculating your monthly churn rate and taking concrete actions to improve it.

It is also important that you differentiate the abandoned cart from two other similar concepts: navigation abandonment and checkout abandonment .

Cart Abandonment Vs Navigation Abandonment
Navigation abandonment refers to users who visit the ecommerce, consult different product categories but leave the site without adding anything to their shopping cart.

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You are one step ahead of cart abandonment.

Cart Abandonment Vs Checkout Abandonment
Checkout abandonment occurs when the customer has already started the purchase process , entering address data, payment options, etc., but does not finish by pressing the payment button.

You are one step behind cart abandonment.

How to analyze your abandoned carts
One of the best and most popular options is to create a funnel in Google Analytics that allows you to measure exactly where you are losing your customers.

Design a funnel with the various URLs that the user must go through from the start of the purchase until they pay, and use the order confirmation page as the final goal. In the following image you can see an example of a funnel in Google Analytics.

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