5 trends in which online video will change marketing strategy in 2015

Throughout 2014, online video has been talked about repeatedly. Consumers are increasingly devoted to consuming this content, in part because the change in the consumption model on devices has made it much more common to access the internet from tablets and smartphones, and video content is one of the most successful in these terminals. The growth figures for video consumption have skyrocketed and brands have become interested in them. Videos by themselves have become a key element in the content strategy of brands and have also risen to very high positions as supports for advertising messages. The pre-roll ad is already, so to speak, an advertising must, but that will not be the only thing that companies Iceland Mobile Database will be able to get from the videos for at least the next year. Marketing associated with video is going to take positions of strength and these are, according to Marketing Proofs estimates , the realities on which this change is going to be organized.

During 2015, these trends will mark the digital marketing strategy in video matters. Watching videos will become the best claim for a call to action What do consumers want to do? Increasingly, they want to watch videos on the internet. In fact, video has become the preferred format for online consumers, as Marketing Proofs assures , the data shows. 65% of Internet users watch more than three-quarters of a video that is offered to them, according to Ingo do data. And video has much better conversion possibilities than other elements that brands use on the internet. Video has therefore become a resource and a sure value to reach the hearts of consumers, get them to click and make them at least visualize the message that brands are trying to convey to them.

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According to the estimates of the site, in 2015 video will not only continue to be important but will also be integrated into other marketing tools, such as email marketing, content marketing, social and even SEO. Video analytics tools to take leading positions But as with each and every one of the things that companies do, these not only have to be turned into results but they have to be able to be broken down into data so that those responsible for them know what is working and how they are achieved. the different steps and situations. The video is not going to be left out. In 2015, marketers will use data more to make their decisions, regardless of the support. The video will be included in the lot. In fact, as video increases its importance in marketing plans Brother Cell Phone List, video analytics tools will also do so and will increase in value.

The measurement will not only focus on seeing how many people have seen the video in question and therefore count the reproductions. Brands are waiting to know how it affects revenue and lead generation, audience engagement or who sees that content and when. The use of video analytics in automation will increase And as marketers accumulate more video measurement tools, they will become more important and will serve more frequently to make decisions. In fact, the forecast is that the use of video analytics as part of automation efforts and in CRM will increase. This trend is important, because although today brands recognize the importance of video as a marketing element and its high conversion, few are using the information that videos can generate to gain insight into what their consumers are like.

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The forecast is that this will change in 2015 and that companies will begin to use the data provided by videos to learn more and better about their consumers and, therefore, to know how to engage with them. Videos will become a strategic part to generate leads Leads are the element that everyone is looking for today: brands want them because it is the way to reach the consumer directly. It is putting a name and a face on it and knowing what it is you want directly. In 2015, companies will begin to use videos as a solution to generate leads, using ideas such as forcing them to put the email to access the content or add a form to the content. The information received will be mixed with what they are already obtaining in other ways and together they will form solvent and effective leads. But, in addition, the forecasts of Marketing Proofs indicate that the video will become a very useful tool not only to meet consumers and thus create leads but also to know what these profiles are like. It is not the same, remember, someone who watches the entire video than who does it for only 10 seconds and the tracking programs will add a lot of data about these consumers.

YouTube is not the only thing when it comes to videos When we talk about online video we always think immediately of YouTube, but the truth is that although YouTube is there and is very valid and effective, it is not the only thing that exists in the world of video and much less in that of collaborative video. YouTube, they remind us, is a great distribution channel, which can exponentially increase the reach of videos, but it should not be the only thing that companies use when they publish that content and, above all and however easy it may be, It should not be the only and unavoidable solution when posting a video on a company website. The reason for this is that if you want to take advantage of the full potential that video has within your marketing strategy, you cannot rely solely on what YouTube offers, but you have to use your own tools to accumulate all that data. Not only must we understand therefore that video is important and fundamental, but we must also bear in mind that getting the most out of video is not just publishing content on YouTube.

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