6 aspects that the entrepreneur must cover before creating his own business

Forming a business is not an easy matter. There are steps that must be firm to achieve a goal of such magnitude. Grupo Bimbo is the most prestigious firm in Mexico, according to Merco, in the sixth edition of its ranking of The Hong Kong Phone Number List Companies with the Best Corporate Reputation.

For the second consecutive year, the Mexican bakery leads the list, this time with a rating of 10 points. Grupo Modelo (8,456) and Google (8,262) complete the top 3 in the ranking.

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But to get to that point, these big companies started as a small visionary project, just like Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) start.

SMEs constitute 99.8 percent of business units in Mexico, according to INEGI data. It is estimated that there are more than 4.1 billion micro-businesses in the country, some 174 thousand 800 small businesses and about 35 thousand medium-sized businesses.

Forming a company is not an easy matter. There are steps that must be firm to achieve a goal of such magnitude.

Idea. It is about knowing what you want to achieve, materialize it and decide the product or service to launch on the market Phone Number List Business plan. Design a business model that includes your target audience, available resources, value offer, and so on. With all that that implies: competition analysis, strategies, tax classification, return plan.

Brand. Taking the advice of branding specialists, a brand should be created.
Documents in order. Permits, registrations, contracts and all activities related to the operation of the company.

Human Resources. They should be chosen carefully, prioritizing professional skills that will help you move from project to functional and profitable company.
Growth plan. To stay ahead of consumer needs.

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