6 Copy writing Tricks for Facebook Ads: How to Write Effective Ads

If you want to create converting Facebook and Instagram Ads, you must not only master strategy and creativity, but also make your audience pause and take action. In this post I give you 6 Copywriting tricks for Facebook Ads.

The indispensable ingredient for this is persuasive copy or writing .

You don’t have to also be a copy writing expert or do magic with words, there are formulas created that  阿尔及利亚电话号码表 work and you should only use them in your ads.Forget writing any phrase that comes to mind or even with spelling mistakes. Give your ad persuasive writing the time it deserves.

In this post you will learn 6 copywriting tricks for Facebook Ads , based on experience and real campaigns. D ISCOVER what and begins to write ads in Facebook Ads to help you multiply your results.

Is copywriting important for Facebook Ads?
How to Write Copy for Effective Facebook Ads
Copywriting Tricks for Facebook Ads

  1. Simple writing
  2. Use powerful words
  3. Turn features into benefits
  4. Arouse emotions
  5. Organize the information
  6. Clear call to action (CTA)
    Other copywriting tips for Facebook Ads
    Examples of copy for creative Facebook Ads
    Is copywriting important for Facebook Ads?
    The answer is clear: yes, of course. Text is a fundamental tool for communicating with your audience , which on Facebook reaches 2.74 billion active users worldwide.

Remember: most users access the social network without a clear purchase intention, rather to entertain themselves, be inspired and gossip about the latest updates from their friends.
Therefore, if your goal is to get their attention, get them to notice you and get them to click on your ad, you need to work on three aspects:

✔️ Segment your audience appropriately to show your ad to the right audience.
✔️Create the perfect video or image to catch the eye of your potential customer.
✔️Write the text (copy), which is responsible for persuading the user to take action.

The copy is the hook text that gives the consumer reasons to end up clicking on the call to action button.
You will be able to 警报消息 reduce the price of your ad and increase both the conversion rate and the CTR. Your advertising will be more effective and cheaper.

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How to Write Copy for Effective Facebook Ads
To write your ad on Facebook, you must be clear about three elements:

The conversion you pursue with your ad: your business objective (it can be a sale, increase web traffic, get a lead …) thanks to which you can measure the success of your campaign.

Who are you going to direct your ad to (your target audience) and in what phase of the customer journey it is (cold, warm or hot traffic). Knowing your audience is essential for your copy to be relevant and achieve its purpose.

If you are still not sure who you are talking to, an empathy map will allow you to know your ideal client in detail.
What is your value proposition : what defines and differentiates your offer from the rest. Why the user should click on your ad.

Once you have defined objectives, audience and proposal, it is time to shape your ad.

Regarding the visual part, I will tell you that it must be of quality, attractive and optimized . Today you don’t have to be a design crack to get a heart attack first impression on your audience. There are tons of design tools for creating Facebook ads that make it easy for you.

You will work on the copy in these parts of your ad:

?The main text : only the first three lines are visible so take advantage of it! The maximum number of characters varies depending on the objective.
?The title (is optional) : 255 characters maximum.
?The description (it is also optional) that appears under the title: the number of visible characters depends on the length of the title and the location.
? Visible link : Lets you share the URL you want to look at the ad and not the destination
?button call to action (depending on the advertising target will have one or the other available)

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Copywriting Tricks for Facebook Ads
I give you 6 copywriting tricks to get effective ads on Facebook Ads:

  1. Simple writing
    Simplicity is a virtue when it comes to writing ads on Facebook Ads. Copywriting is not literature, so forget elaborate language, flourishes, and long sentences. Follow the 4 C’s rule (clear, concise, compelling, and credible ) when communicating your message.

eye! A simple ad does not necessarily mean it should be short. You can opt for a long copy, but one that is effective and structured.
Your priority is to create an ad that is easy for your customer to understand by communicating with their voice. It will help you to identify with your business and feel that you are speaking directly to it.

To achieve this connection, you must thoroughly investigate how your potential customer communicates and what language they use . Remember that when someone sees your ad they should immediately understand:

✔️What are you offering him.
✔️How your offer benefits or helps them.
✔️What to do after seeing your ad.

  1. Use powerful words
    It is very difficult to get the user to stop at your ad if you use poor terms and without force. To fight against this inactivity are the powerful words or power words . Take note and put them into practice!

They are terms that add dynamism to the text, motivate the user to achieve a result and help to obtain an emotional response on their part.

Some examples that you can use in your ad copy :

6 Copywriting Tricks for Facebook Ads

  1. Turn features into benefits
    There are two reasons that drive us to buy and take this specific action: solve a problem or achieve a goal. Understanding the motivation behind the purchase and showing the benefits of your offer, that is, what problems it solves is the starting point for writing your ad.

Being able to show those benefits to the audience in your ad is key. It is not the same to say “full training with 5 hours of video” (a phrase focused on the feature), which “gets immediate access to the step-by-step system we use to increase sales by 23%” (focused on profit) .

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If you have trouble finding the benefits of your offer, simply ask at the end of each feature “why” and you will find it immediately. It is important to determine this part in order to create your persuasive texts, ask yourself this question and you will not fail.

Example: 128 GB of internal memory (characteristic). So that? To store multimedia files without fear of running out of space (benefit).

  1. Arouse emotions
    You must bear in mind that emotion drives us to action. If you can generate that emotion in the user, the effectiveness of your ad increases dramatically. These psychological springs or hacks will help you arouse the reader’s emotions and persuade him to do the action we want: Urgency : When we feel that we have a limited opportunity to take advantage of a certain offer or promotion, it is more likely that we will end up buying it. Consider temporary offers or limited units that make use of the following expressions: “only today”, “we have x places left”, “limited places”, “exclusive offer for the first x”, “do not run out of your offer”, ” deadline”…

6 Copywriting Tricks for Facebook Ads

Curiosity : The human being is curious by nature. Appealing to this innate quality can help you increase the effectiveness of your campaign. Provide enough information to generate intrigue and get readers to click on your ad. Expressions such as “discover”, “did you know what” or “for the first time” will help you enhance that curiosity.

6 Copywriting Tricks for Facebook Ads

Exclusivity : We like to feel unique and special. Encourage this feeling to trigger the success of your campaign with phrases like “unique”, “for you”, “only you”, “exclusive group”. Put them into practice and you will see the results.

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