6 points that your marketing strategy can adapt with the Day of the Dead

The end of the year is coming and it is a date where consumers demand their needs more strongly. It is for this reason that the Day of the Dead can take advantage of seasonal marketing to get new Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List followers and retain existing ones. During the recently started Celebration of the Dead 2018 , several brands have the opportunity to join the requests of consumers.

Photo: Abraham Jaramillo / Merca 2.0
Last year, more than a million people, Mexicans and foreigners, joined in the celebration of this thousand-year-old tradition. Among the important results in tourism that have been generated in the short term of three years.

Mexico City had an occupation of around 164,250 tourists staying in hotels in the CDMX, of which 132,135 are nationals and 32,115 foreigners. The economic benefit from tourists staying in hotels was estimated at 963 million pesos, which is equivalent to 52.1 million dollars.

In terms of communication, around the world and in Mexico 25 thousand 586 articles related to the great Day of the Dead Parade were generated, equivalent in dollars to 442.8 million.

Mexico ranks sixth as the most visited country in the world according to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

If your business is targeted at a niche market, designing special seasonal marketing promotions around events is key. However, making business appeals based on seasonality is about much more than decorating for the holidays or offering gift ideas for shoppers.

These particular dates allow you to reach specialized markets by combining your products with those of related companies. For example, the National Lottery and the Gayosso funeral services chain sponsored some catrinas that adorn the Paseo de la Reforma and the Alameda Central in Mexico City. The colors and symbolism they have for the date, make people interact with them.

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Photo: Abraham Jaramillo / Merca 2.0

Photo: Abraham Jaramillo / Merca 2.0
Consumers react to holidays in a predictable way that you have to know how to take advantage of. Adjusting your proposal to each specific period implies generating a relevant message that is prone to resonate and increase your conversion rates.

Seasonality is not so much about the celebration connection, but about taking advantage of changes in behaviors and consumption priorities. While the opportunities may not be as universal, for many salespeople the unique dates present a powerful possibility if the necessary adjustments are made in the focus of the strategy.

In the case of the offering, which is located in the capital’s Zócalo, the organizers decided only to promote the event’s brand Phone Number List, adhering to the theme they wanted to convey, which is migration, and they left out the brands.

However, this has not implied that the area has a lot of movement among visitors, who visit restaurants, cafes, canteens or bars. Adjusting your actions based on the scheduling of the dates will allow you to build a sensitive and personal strategy that takes advantage of the different days.

These types of dates give an opportunity for you to exercise your creativity and your position as a company capable of reacting and meeting the demands.

Take these points into account when designing your strategy:

  1. Choose the right opportunities . Make sure that the marketing strategy you adopt is in tune with the interests and needs of your customers, based on the particular time. You need to know who your target audience is, but also understand their motivational and purchasing decisions.
  2. Explore seasonal strategies . Different climates represent a series of benefits and opportunities, so identifying those that are relevant to your practice will allow you to individualize actions and focus your shipments around it.
  3. Take advantage of the holidays to your advantage . Focusing on the end of the year parties, these events represent a more than specific opportunity to capitalize. You can offer gift cards, special offers or discount coupons for whoever you want.
  4. Exercise the correct timing for the offer . When planning your strategies, it is essential to find the right balance between leaving enough time to prepare a good deed but not going out to communicate it too much before or too long after your competition.
  5. Includes actions and terms . Once you have decided on the opportunities you want to attack, determine exactly what you are going to do and how to achieve it. One of the most successful strategies involves including a call to action that encourages customers to contact you via email, phone, or social media.
  6. Use all available platforms . Make sure your campaign reaches the widest possible audience by taking advantage of all social networks. You can create a Social Campaign to allow your Subscribers to viralize it and thus increase their reach, and also include the buttons to your profiles so that they can follow you. If you are offering a discount code or offer, be sure to communicate it through the Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn platforms.
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