6 Tips on how to save on international travel

Going abroad for the first time? Follow these amazing tips on how to make your money pay off during your vacation. Follow the article! 1. Take advantage of travel Similarly, package deals It is always more profitable for tourists to buy a one-time travel package. This applies not only to those restaurants that have the executive menu (by the way, always ask for a “menu of the day” in a cafe, an offer of ready meals is usually much cheaper than individually, à la carte). In many countries, uniform tourist tickets will be offered for public transport and museums. For example, in Rome this ticket is called RomaPass, in Riga – RigaPass. You can find out about these opportunities and buy tickets at tourist information offices.

Take advantage of travel package deals

By the way did you know that these tourist tickets are great gifts for those who like to travel ? 2. Know where to exchange currency In many countries, changing currency at the airport or in the city center at Henan Mobile Phone Number List the first bank you find may not be the best idea, or it may be. It will depend a lot on where you are going. Worse still is using a suspicious money changer or changing money in your hands, in the middle of a tourist street. That way, you can come across scammers. Withdrawing money from an ATM is usually not very profitable either – commissions can be as high as 10-15% of the amount. Many people prefer to exchange currency in advance.

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Henan Mobile Phone Number List

Know where to exchange currency 

And there are several ways to make it more profitable. If you got a currency card – and even easier, you can exchange your money for local currency in the bank app. So the tip here is to research a lot about where Aleart News you are going. how to save on international travel 3. Rent an apartment At the height of tourist season in popular areas, reasonably priced hotel rooms may not be available, even several months before your arrival. But apartment owners are often ready to offer you not the worst accommodation options – for example, through Airbnb or Booking – options much cheaper than conventional hotels.