6 Unusual Optimization Tips to Speed Up and Protect Your Website

HTTPS is the big push by Google and many big organizations to make the Internet safer and better. Lately, Google mentioned that HTTPS is one of the search ranking signals, so go ahead and implement an SSL certificate on your website.

Making your website accessible over HTTPS ensures that data is encrypted from the user’s PC to the web server or network edge.

If you are a blogger or do not have sensitive transactions through your website, then you may want to consider using a FREE SSL Certificate by Let’s Encrypt or others. If possible, try offloading SSL handshake at the edge of the network by implementing CDNs like StackPath, Cloudflare, AKAMAI, etc.

Cloudflare also offers you Universal SSL with a FREE plan. Once you implement SSL, don’t forget to test the



TLS certificate for vulnerabilities

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If you’re serious (you should be anyway), you might want to consider using WAF to protect yourself from OWASP’s top 10 vulnerabilities and more.

Enable HSTS
To add an extra layer of security on top of HTTPS, you might consider using HTSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security).

HSTS Header The declaration allows the browser to indicate that all communications are over the secure channel (HTTPS) only and prevent protocol degradation and cookie hijacking attacks.

You can inject the HTTP header into the response code on your web server, however if you are using CDN you can enable HSTS at the edge of the network. Once activated, don’t forget to Try it .

Reduce Page Size by Optimizing Images
The average page size in the world is 2.4 MB and 64% of them are images.

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Images are everywhere and have a lot of room for optimization to save the overall size of the page.



Having a smaller page size helps you in many ways



Fast loading web page
Lower cost of bandwidth
There are some tools listed here that can help you reduce size by optimizing image file in WordPress, Joomla and standalone.

If you’re a Cloudflare Pro user, you may want to China Phone Number take advantage of a new image format called “WebP.” By serving images in WebP format, you can reduce image file size by more than 10% in optimized PNG/JPEG.

I hope the above technique will help you to optimize your website for fast loading and add additional security protection.