7-Eleven wants to compete with Amazon Go and the box less store format

It was at the beginning of this year that Amazon Go opened its doors and, with it, a new experience for the consumer by eliminating the intermediation of employees (humans) and allowing the purchase without the need China Phone Number List for boxes. This has led other brands to follow in their footsteps, one of which is 7-Eleven .

The Dallas, Texas-based company began testing technology that will allow customers to make purchases and pay for products from the comfort of a smartphone.

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It is a technology called scan-and-pay that will be tested in a pilot program in 14 7-Eleven stores located in different parts of the city of Dallas.

This works through the retailer’s app with which you can scan the QR code that will appear when leaving the stores in order to complete transactions through a cashless app such as Apple Pay, Google Pay or a credit or debit card .

Following in Amazon’s footsteps?
The concept is interesting, because although it follows the steps of Amazon Go, it does retain some differences, the main one is that in the case of 7-Eleven the employees are not completely eliminated , as there are products in which they are still essential, such as sale of alcoholic beverages -for which ID is required-.

In addition, it has a strategy behind it, the idea is to boost its 7Rewards loyalty program by Phone Number List offering various rewards to customers who use this new system.

Undoubtedly, this is a new sign that in the not too distant future the concept of a store without ATMs and with payments through apps will be completely normal, we will begin to eliminate paper money and even bank cards.

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Despite the fact that 67 percent of users start their shopping trips through an electronic platform or device – according to Google – 95 percent of purchases are made in a physical store , according to a study signed by AT Kearney.

Cashless stores will be common
These types of points of sale are gaining greater visibility, Walmart has a similar concept in Mexico, but will soon open a Sam’s Club Now in the United States , its convenience store protest practically without the participation of humans and with payments from smartphones.

In the case of Mexico, Oxxo and Walmart recently presented an alliance with BBVA Bancomer to allow their customers to make contactless or contactless payments for their purchases through their smartphones.

In the end, they all seek to have a greater share of the mobile payments market, one that, according to a recent report by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) , by 2019 will surpass credit cards.