7 reasons to invest in an inbound marketing

Over the years the most common process in winning customers was for the company to create actions and campaigns that were aimed at the customer. So. It was present. Sometimes in an invasive way. Without respecting time and the real interest of the final consumer. It got to the point where customers became saturated with this lack of privacy in their decisions and choices when they needed to purchase a product or service. There were no longer two or three brands that “played” in front of the consumer. They were countless. And they all adopted the same customer acquisition strategy. An outdated strategy that gradually lost its reach. So. In the inbound marketing strategy. The customer goes to the company when they need to solve a problem or a need. No pressure or invasion of privacy.

Customer meets the company

When the potential customer looks for the company that offers a certain product/service. It appears as a solution. Thus starting a conversation. That’s because he went to meet her. So it means he has a great chance of closing a deal – if that’s what he’s really looking for. Qualified leads Malaysia Phone Number List qualified leads in case you didn’t know. The lead is the digital person likely to become your customer. Within a purchase journey. There are leads and qualified leads. The ones we are talking about as qualified leads are very likely to become customers. That’s because they interacted a lot with your brand. Like this? They downloaded an e-book. Opened and accessed blog content through the marketing email you sent. Downloaded an infographic from the website and registered to participate in a webinar For example.

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Medium and long term results

That is if they interacted that much it is because they are possibly interested in what your business has to offer. So. When we talk about leads. We mean that the inbound marketing strategy will bring you contacts with less and greater affinity with your brand. If the strategy is well structured. It will hardly take a lead to you who didn’t want to buy Aleart News anything. Every investment made in the strategy aims to win the most qualified leads possible. There are rare other strategies that lead to the company “hot” leads highly likely to close the deal. Which is what inbound marketing does. Measurement of results measuring results – metrics just as we say that every investment in inbound aims to gain qualified leads for your company. One of the points we most like to emphasize about this strategy is the ability to measure results .