7 Reasons to Continue

The website has been launched and you are celebrating a big party with your colleagues. Many hours have been invested in the beautiful looking and rich website/webshop. You sit back and enjoy the visitors and the reviews. You should definitely do that, but not for too long! There is still so much work to do! In this article 7 important reasons to continue developing.

1. Where are your visitors? SEO!

Whether it’s a completely new site or a redesign, search engine optimization (aka Search Engine Optimization, SEO) should be part of the development process. Not only in technology, but also in content. Just the content. SEO is still too often an underestimated part of the development process. So after going live it is time to catch up and bring in visitors.

Regularly updating content ensures that the Google spider (and those of other search Communication Directors Email Lists engines) visit more often. A blog helps with that, but don’t leave other pages behind. Update a page if it turns out that the ranking is not high enough, you can use the Periodic Table of SEO as a checklist.

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Do you need a short basic training in SEO? This video shoots through it in 3 minutes. But SEO alone is not enough, you need the analytics to see (and sometimes prove) the results of your SEO activities. Let my next point be about that.

2. Bring light into the darkness, with Analytics

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Have you ever walked around with a blindfold? Not exactly a pleasant experience. That is no different for your website, it does not want to be on the www without knowing who is visiting it. Of course you can link your Analytics account, but as you probably guessed, that’s not enough.

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Do you index all the searches on the site itself? Do you register segments of visitors from different sources? By arranging this, you know, for example, whether a visitor from Twitter is on your site much longer than a visitor who comes via Google (or vice versa). Have you linked your AdWords campaigns? The latest addition to Google Analytics is the Realtime analytics . You can now monitor your visitors all day long. Setting up funnels (called funnels) to create insight can be very helpful. The new ‘ flow visualization ‘ provides a lot of insight into this. After all, you want your visitors to become customers, right?