7 SEO tips for your eCommerce categories and brands

We continue with the series of articles aimed at improving the SEO of your online store . This time we will see very useful clues that will help you improve the natural positioning of the category pages of your eCommerce.

seo ecommerce

These elements are usually the most important pages or URLs to work on the on-page SEO of an online store.Article content [ Show ]

Why is it important to work on the category and brand pages?
Because they usually  开曼群岛电话号码表 carry or group the keywords with the most demand or searches from all over the web.

An example for a computer store:
For the keyword «Tablets» (Main category) -> Keyword with 18,000 searches per month in Google Spain = High traffic potential, very high competition, probably low conversion.

For the keyword «Tablets BQ» (Subcategory or brand) -> Keyword with 2,900 searches, less SEO competition and higher conversion.

For the keyword “BQ Aquaris 5” (product) -> 18,000 searches. Here the theory is dismantled a bit, the product is more searched than the related categories. Yes, in this case it is a smartphone …… but it is valid for the example.

But be careful! It will be temporary , with time and new versions, the product will disappear or become obsolete, so searches will drop drastically. While the first level searches will remain over time and if we manage to position ourselves well, they will send us visits on a recurring basis over time.

In order to control this, I recommend you analyze search trends with Google Trends. Here’s a tutorial , and here’s a screenshot of the commented case:

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google trends seo

A multi-brand fashion store – LANDON
It is very difficult to position yourself by words like “women’s fashion”, and if you end up achieving it, you will 警报消息 hardly have enough depth of the catalog and diversity of brands to cover all pockets and tastes.

A great example of brand positioning , Landon:

seo ecommerce

6 of the 7 keywords that generate the most visits, in SEO, are brands .

The second column of the graph is the position in www.google.es, the third the monthly searches, and the fifth the positioned URL.

The selection of suitable keywords and the categorization of the store are key aspects for the positioning of the project.

That said, we are going to see the tips that will help you optimize the SEO of the pages and brands of your website. I promise now to get to the point!

1- Unique content
It is simple. Tell Google what you are going to present in the category . The ideal is to show the text in a higher area, everything and that in many cases it moves to the sidebar or it is hidden in tabs with indexable content (although it can work well, I do not recommend it).

An example of Net a Porter in a brand presentation:

seo brand online store

2- H1 in the visible title of the category
Tagging the category name with H1 (HTML code theme) will help us to position it better, as does Net a Porter. In this way we tell Google that this is the most important and descriptive element of the category content . What would be a chapter in a book.

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Normally , in most e-Commerce tools, it is set up automatically with the name of the category.

But sometimes it can help to modify it , for example: The category is called «Tablets» and it looks like this in the menu, but we force H1 to show (and google index) «Cheap Tablets».

3- Internal links
Take advantage of category text content to link to other categories and products . You will give them “strength” and help improve indexing. This point tends to be underestimated, and sometimes the best link (quality / price) can be on your website .

You will also help to increase the page views, and as we have indicated for some time, the user experience is increasingly important for SEO.

4- Titles
Very important element for the on-page SEO of your category. To keep in mind for the Title tag:

It is the title that is seen in the search results , it must be attractive. It can help us increase the CTR (times shown in Google search results / number of clicks), and this will directly affect our positioning.
title meta tags

It is vital to put the keyword to position, the more to the left the better.
Structure, the following is usual (which does not always mean the best):
Category in which we are-Superior Category- Brand = Tablets BQ – Tablets – Pc Components. Or another option:
Main Keyword, Secondary Keyword or synonym – Brand.
5 – Meta Description
A field of MetaTags that is often forgotten.

meta description SEO

The text itself does not help directly to position, but it does help to capture the attention of our potential users . A well-worked and attractive description increases the chances of clicking, the CTR and the SEO. By the way, it is interesting to put the target keyword , since it will appear in bold thus obtaining more visibility.

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