7 SEO tips for your eCommerce products

7 SEO tips for your eCommerce products
by Llorenç Palomas
In this week’s post I will tell you about a series of SEO tricks to optimize the product page of an online store (or web catalog) with the aim of highlighting and uploading positions in Google .

seo product sheet

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  1. Location of keywords
    Before knowing where to put the keywords, it is important that we select the appropriate  哥伦比亚电话号码表 ones, analyzing demand and competition data. Tools like RUSHMORE or Google Keyword Planner will make our work easier.

It is important to place them in the name of the product (which if the platform is well configured in SEO, it will be with a H1 tag ) in subtitles within the content (H2 tag), in the product description and in the URL .

For example, an Iphone 6:

The title : IPHONE 6 16GB
H2: We could put: Iphone 6 mobile opinions . And thus take advantage of the demand for this Keyword in search engines, using search variations (good for positioning) and making sense of it by linking it with the comments of our clients.-
And in the descriptive content by introducing the main keyword “Iphone 6” highlighted in bold .
At the URL: www.tienda.com/smartphones/apple- iphone-6
Be careful , do not abuse by constantly repeating the words within the content…. Pleasant, understandable, meaningful and commercial texts.

  1. Meta Title and description
    Look at the first natural results to “buy iphone 6” without taking Apple into account:

mediamarkt iphone6

The Title of the Goals is a very important element for SEO on page. It is important to place it at the beginning of the text , so Google takes it more into account.

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Phone House may be ahead of Mediated for this reason. But compare the titles! The 警报消息 Media Mark one is much more attractive and possibly receives many more clicks than the Phone House snippet.

It is interesting to introduce capital letters and exclamation marks , it will improve the effectiveness and this will probably make you move up positions. Look at this result, I’m just doing tests like this:

snippet blogger wordpress

The Meta description is also important, the keyword (if it appears in the text) will be highlighted in bold. Make an attractive description, with a call to action like “Free Shipping”, the “best price” …

This tool will help you: http://www.seomofo.com/snippet-optimizer.html

  1. Product photo
    Name the photo with keywords and enter a descriptive ALT and TITLE tag .

nike airmax

This is how NIKE names this photo of its online store: Nike-Air-Max-Thea-Womens-Shoe-599409_502_C_PREM.jpg

and your ALT: Nike Airmax Women’s Shoes

  1. Videos on the product sheet
    What does this have to do with SEO? A lot of.

Google likes to find them in content
Creating videos for your products will allow you to upload them to your YouTube channel, and generate traffic from the portal.
Increase the time spent on the page. And this does affect the positioning of a website.
A brutal example is The Grommet store :

  1. Related products
    related products
    A well worked and presented cross selling will increase the number of page views and reduce the bounce (users who arrive, see a page and leave).

Having an integrated blog will allow us to relate content of interest to the interested party, achieving the same effect but with the risk of reducing conversion .

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This feature allows us to link internally , it will help us indexing and improve our positioning.

  1. Product reviews.
    With structured data ( read this previous post ) we can stand out in search results while providing data to Google to better understand our content .

Here it is clear:

Product comments

In addition, the evaluations will allow new content (text) to be added periodically to the product sheet.

  1. Original content
    I still see hundreds of eCommerce that copy the manufacturer’s description on the product sheet. ¿ Who do you think will position Google with the same content?

Your website or the manufacturer’s?

Your eCommerce or the other 5000 who have done the same?

Google will highlight the unique content (or the first one it indexes …) and original.

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