7 signs you’re getting stuck as a publicist

Every creative and advertising professional can go through stages of low productivity or motivation, but this cannot be permanent Denmark Phone Number List. find out if you are getting stuck in your activity with these clues.

  1. You haven’t learned something new for a long time.
    Every creative activity is better experienced if it offers new lessons. If you feel that no new knowledge has come to you, perhaps you have started to stagnate.

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  1. Your specialty is in decline
    If you master a marketing specialty that is no longer in demand by customers, it is time to seek new creative fields that provide new opportunities.
  2. You don’t like your job.
    If your work doesn’t motivate you, doesn’t challenge you and doesn’t offer you lessons, you will soon get bored and you will lose motivation to grow within your organization chart.
  3. You only work for a salary
    Everyone, at different levels, needs Phone Number List to earn our own money, but for that reason you are not going to accept any task that takes you away from your true dreams.
  4. You complain about your activity
    If you keep complaining about your creative activity, have no doubts: it is time to change your scene, work and maybe even your career.
  5. You do not develop leadership
    Developing your own creative positions, defending your arguments and setting the guidelines of your work is part of your professional maturity, if you do not acquire it you will not advance.
  6. You do not visualize yourself in the future
    No matter how young you are, it is necessary that you know how to visualize yourself in the short, medium and long term so that you do not stay in the middle of your creative path.
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