7 tips for you to make quality ads on Google

Quality ads in google ads start with keyword selection. Not just in the choice. But in the way you add them to your ad group. Matches are critical to helping you control which searches your ad will and will not appear on. There are 4 types of keyword matches: broad. Modified broad. Phrase. And exact. To better understand each type of correspondence and to understand precisely when and how to use them. We highly recommend reading google’s own explanation by clicking here . Tip it’s time to do good keyword research focus on strategic keywords for your business. For example. If you sell a service. Use words that contain the term “companies” in aggregate. Examples: “xxxx company in sp”. “companies that make xxx in the são paulo region and so on.

Be clear about what your goal is

Essential tools for good keyword research no rush. Uberssugest. And google keyword planer. Gold tip at sem rush: you can make up to 10 queries a day so do the following: google a term that is very relevant to your business. Analyze the paid result. Click on it. Copy the main url of the clicked site and play at sem rush. Then you do a search. It will load China Phone Number List a page. You search for the main paid keywords. Are they words that will drive qualified traffic to your site? Save it to notepad and add it to your campaigns. Then do the same process with the other paid competitors as well. There in google keyword planner you can validate the search volume for the keywords you’ve seen that your competitors have been buying.

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It’s Time to Do Good Keyword Research

You can still find new word suggestions and see the average cpc for each one. Uberssuggest does the same thing as keyword planner. It is an alternative to check search volume. Cpc. Which are difficulties for those who have never advertised on google ads. When you first Aleart News enter the google search engine. It shows the volume in a generic way. For example. Instead of saying that the word xxx has 343 monthly searches it says that it has 0 to 1000 monthly searches. It ends when you start advertising. After you’ve invested it shows all the data. Tip number 4: set a budget for your google ads campaign take all the keywords you found and go into google ads view search volume & forecasts paste the keywords and from ato start. When the page loads. A forecast of your campaign spend will be displayed.