8 SEO Myths That Are Hurting Your Website

Before we start it’s important to remember something: no one knows what all the factors that influence a website’s positioning in search engines are. Some are effectively known, others. Concluded by experts after exhaustive testing. Obviously, this makes for a lot of misinformation and speculation about seo techniques, which makes it difficult to select the right information. To help you out, i decided to break down 7 seo myths that i hear regularly. If you are still not familiar with seo techniques, i recommend you to download the free seo guide. This guide has some introductory ideas about search engine optimization and a checklist so that your articles always rank excellently.

SEO Myths You Need to Stop

Seo myths you need to stop believing if you work your site’s seo well, you will exponentially increase your views. Not necessarily. The better you position yourself in the search engines, the more likely you will be to generate clicks on your website, without a doubt. However, it’s not enough to just work on positioning – this is a big seo myth. It is essential Nigeria Phone Number List that you work on positioning for the right keywords, searched by your target audience. In addition, your title and meta description must appeal to the click, otherwise it is useless for you to appear first in searches. So yes, it is important that you work on your positioning and that you please the search engine algorithms, but you can never forget the human component.

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Your Meta Descriptions Are Essential

Who chooses where to click, at the end of the day, is the user. Your meta descriptions are essential for good search engine positioning meta descriptions are just one more factor that effectively contributes to good Aleart News positioning in search engines. However, they do not have all the importance attributed to them. If you take into account all other factors (keyword repetition, titles, alternative titles in images, links, etc.) it’s not the lack of meta description that will make you not appear in the ranking. But then, why is the meta description so talked about. Exactly because it combines the human component. The meta description is the small text you see below.

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