8 trends in the world of marketing and their importance

The following trends are present in the world of creativity. Many professional jobs in the advertising world adopt new styles or methods that are functional for a time. But as soon as the trends evolve, Peru Phone Number List that project that was meant to last for years becomes obsolete. This does not mean that you ignore trends, but you must know how to distinguish between what is popular and why it is popular.

Robots are taking over the world
Stepping away from trends is an act of analysis. Ask yourself why a certain style is popular Phone Number List, what could you take from that temporary logo to improve your designs. learn from trends and take up the most useful and lasting of them, but do not jump blindly to the first current train that is seen to pass.

The following trends are present in the world of creativity.

Artificial intelligence, which translates into a wide spectrum of tasks that can be performed by various devices and machines.
Internet of Things, which refers to the establishment of the Internet in objects of daily use, an aspect that favors the mobility and functionality of things.
Augmented reality, which represents the transfer to virtual environments through different devices and its effective use in combination with palpable reality.
Robots, mechanical or virtual devices that aspire to be the depositories of artificial intelligence and develop multiple functions.
Blockchain, which offers security guarantees in the management of accounting data and the financial sector in the world.
Virtual reality, which has a great future in the world of entertainment, but offers possibilities to the medical, arts, science and education sectors, among other areas.
Drones and their possibilities in the world of cartography, security, photography, entertainment, etc.
3D printing, which grows by leaps and bounds and incorporates an increasing number of materials to generate products of great variety.
Some of these trends, which one must be able to distinguish in order to work on those that are beneficial to guarantee a sustainable future, were mentioned by Raúl Chávez, Business and Strategy manager at Ford Mexico’s product development office.

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